All Things Are From Ourselves

No one is beta by choice
Some are alpha by chance;

All we need sometimes
Is someone to save us
From the world and
From ourselves:

All things are from ourselves.


How I Met Your Mother

When we were together, it was your thing
When we are not together, it is my thing;

I never saw it as part of my idea (of you)
Maybe you saw me as part of the idea (of it);

Some people live their lives in a fairytale
Other people live their lives in a sitcom;

Then there are some
Who don’t live at all.


Small Boys with Big Dreams

I remember when I was a little boy I used to

Have a friend who wanted
To go to Yale to read law;

Another friend who wanted
To drive a manual sports car;

The former is now doing
Something else back home;

The latter is now doing
Nothing to get his driving license;

I spoke to them recently:
They don’t even remember these things.

I guess
People grow up,
Dreams grow old,

Yet forever in time we once were
Small boys with big dreams.

(Happy Birthday Sean.)