Sound of Silence

quiet, peaceful morning

Morning has broken.

It is five in the morning. With eyes wandering around the next block and ears tuned in, a quick look out of the window reveals a decent third of the neighbouring block units already lit, with the meticulous, and maybe even sleepy preparation of breakfast in the kitchen taken care of by those who have risen at such an early hour of the day. With cordial accompaniment is the melodious chirping of birds enjoying the break of dawn, cheerfully singing the sweet and joyous tunes and slowly allowing the waves of beautiful music to float through the air, signalling the beginning of yet another day. It is a fresh day, and the early bird seeks to catch its worm.

Little can give greater joy than to wake up and begin the day with the chirping of birds filtering through and filling our world with delightful rhythms and tunes, subtly reminding us that the glorious Sun is to about to rise and we have the privilege to bear witness to the beginning of a new day with the first ray of sunshine set to light up the dark sky; the Moon must yet again give way to the Sun.

The start of a new day marks the end of the previous; all that is before has become a part of the past, of history, and no longer is and never will be for us to enjoy and experience, for time past shall never be ours again. What is left are memories stored in a remote part of our minds, waiting for us to relive each and every past moment as before, but only to be kept and  contained within the space and borders of our mind and memory, never once spilling over into reality.  Though this carries with it a tinge of nostalgia and a tone of reluctance to leave behind what is to be left in the past, it also gently reminds us that more is to come in life for us to go through and experience, and more memories shall be created that would be looked back on dearly when it cyclically becomes another slice of history in time to come; such is the passing of time and the coming of tides.

With the rest of the day set before us once again, let us take a moment to breathe in the fresh morning air and remember that as long as the Sun rises every morning, we should always look forward and welcome the coming of the new day, even if the most wonderful thing that is to happen is the simple sunrise..

Morning has broken.