To No End

I’m glad
Perhaps the timing is right
Maybe it’s a coincidence
But I’m still glad;

Glad that it makes a difference
Even in some small way
To put things back on track
To make things right again;

I think I can smile at this
Many years on perhaps
That maybe I did change things
Hopefully for the better;

A phase maybe (I don’t know)
I can’t even be sure which is
But if you tell me it is
I’ll take your word for it;

I pushed for it
Maybe I shoudn’t have
I don’t know really
Why don’t you tell me?

On one hand they disturb me
On the other I feel quite relieved
Yet should such conflicts even exist
To trouble a mind to such depth?

The status quo is comfortable
Thus tis’ easier to ignore
For deep thinking deepens disturbance

To no end.