All Those Years Ago

(I’m back with the romanticization of military life, and here is a tale of two sergeants. I added a little twist to the story just for the thrill of it and I think the form of this one gives it both a soothing yet incomplete edge, which is a bonus feature to reflect the ironic nature of the tale itself. It is short and abrupt, which creates a stinging impression. Hope you enjoy it, and I shall be back for more exciting tales soon!)

He asked if you’ve loved someone deep to the depth of the ocean before,
You said yes you have and that you’ve never loved anyone more;

You said to him that you are looking at him now and you smile carelessly,
He leaned in and gave you a kiss on the cheek and fell asleep with a warmth in his heart;

What he knew not was:

You saw but a pale reflection in him of his best friend,
The one true love of your life which was the only love which you lost

All those years ago.


Sometimes we are led to crossroads
With a left and a right down each side:
Paths which lead on to the unknown
Where the destinations are purposefully out of sight;

We cannot know where each will take us to and
We cannot tell how the journeys would be but
One thing we can be sure of is that
We can only head down one of the two pathways;

How do we make up our minds at crossroads?

I have a feeling they lead eventually to the same end point.

Everyone Needs A Best Friend

(My apologies for not writing anything for a long time; military life is indeed very time consuming and leaves little time even for rest. With whatever little space I have to myself during the weekdays, I have not been able to squeeze in space for any writing so let’s see what comes up on a Saturday morning at seven yeah? Have fun everyone, it’s the weekends!)

All of us do get stuck at one point or another:
Points where our compasses swing in all directions and our watches tell a foreign time,
Times when our hearts and minds are not facing the same direction,
Scenes where we stand rooted at the spot with brewing anxiety and unease;

Then the nightmares set in:
We get recurring dreams of getting lost or running away,
Like a reflection of reality we cannot find our bearings or escape fast enough,
Yet we really do not know what we truly are finding or getting away from;

Where has our clarity of mind vanished to?
What has become of the answers to our enquiring prayers?
When is it time for us to get a grip and turn around to face our fears?

I invite you now to reach out your hand and hold on to this person:
This individual in your life whom you can call when you’re feeling scared at three a.m,
This someone whom you seek advice from when faced with diverging paths,
This person whom you ask out for a cup of coffee when you’re feeling down;

I believe this is the very hand that will
Ease your fears and warm your heart when the thunders roar at night,
Take your hand and walk with you along one of the paths all the way to the end,
Bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits when things head downhill;

If at this point you realize that this piece of writing is disjointed and messy,
Do not worry for I can summarise one and twenty lines into a single line,
Presented on a platter with a colon and a space in between:

Everyone needs a best friend.

(If Only) You Were Here

We could have a cup of coffee or tea and maybe
A croissant to fill ourselves up just a little;

We could sit in the cozy warm light and
Perhaps just relax to a light jazz number or two;

We could get ourselves to do some talking and share
Some of our plans and aspirations for the future;

We could simply sit there and do nothing but just
Enjoy each other’s company before the morning is up;

We could do all these and so much more if only

You were here.