You used to like him for what you thought was good
The keywords being ‘thought’ and ‘good’
Since both are pretty subjective
One personal and the other universal;

You never saw the other side of him
The side that is buried and tucked away
The face that is hidden from everyone else
The one that even he himself doesn’t know;

Yet with just one look you pass a judgement
A false one based upon perception and bias
Made with murky waters and expired smoke
One so misplaced and misconstrued;

You think you know better
But really you don’t
and well..

Neither does he.

Last Night 


Breaths taken too deep
Gulps taken too fast
Puffs taken too strong
Words taken too light;

Conversations that felt good then
Makes no sense in the morning

Emotions that sounded right then
Cuts no ice anywhere with the sun

All that is left of the beauty of the night

Left over ash
Forgotten dreams and
Writings on the wall.


Sometimes you wonder if certain things
Are about you or about them
About how you feel or how they feel
Or even how they want to make you feel;

Are questions asked really about the answers
Or do the questions themselves mask the answers?

Herein lies the issue with our stuff:
We simply write it all out in rough
Then substitute words to make them flow
Yet most times we forget the larger whole;

If everyone took care of themselves
There would be more hands to go around;

Does this all sound a little weird?
Who knows.. maybe its deliberate.

Dark Side

You hear the Dark Side beckon to you
You treat it as temptation and a lure to darkness
Thinking that you belong to righteousness;

Maybe you belong to the dark all along
You could just be denying it from the start
That to begin with you are one of them;

Perhaps you’ll never know
Until you taste the Dark Side
(They have cookies).

(Star Wars is nothing much without Darth Vader, really. I do quite like Han Solo though, Harrison Ford did great there.)


Your Life

Find one day in your life, to really be yourself;

Do away with expectations, that of others and that of yourself;

Play a chord and sing a note that you think sounds correct, and feel it for yourself;

Dress as you would want to see yourself, not how others would want;

Speak words of kindness and words of sense, and maybe disagree agreeably;

Be the individual that is true to the self, not as how people think or want you to be;

Live the life you want to and be the person you truly are, even if only for a day;

A day in your life.