Book Review: One Day, by David Nicholls (2009)

Here’s something different for the day: I’m going to write a short book review! As you can see from the title, I’m going to briefly write on this heartwarming romance novel by Nicholls which I found to be quite enticing right from the beginning.

This novel traces a 20-year path of romance and true friendship between two graduating students who met on the night of their graduation and goes off separate ways the very next day. It delicately tracks what happen to both of them and how their friendship evolve (or fall apart) over two decades, with each year’s progress being told by how they are on the day they first met, on every St. Swithin Day. 

A honey-laced story with a clever chronological work, readers are bound to fall fast and hard in love with the charimatic, handsome and oh-so-cool Dexter, while slowly developing a deep affection for the sweet, nerdy and somewhat attractive Emma. 

Twenty Years, Two People.. A heartwarming tale of love that survives the test of (poor) time and a fear on both sides to admit they are in love. Definitely one that will leave you swooning in your seats as we journey through the streets of London and Paris in search of love. Will the lovers find their happily ever after?

Rating: 4/5 🙂