(The weekends are good for blogging, so here’s one for the day. I don’t think there’s a structure to this one, but make what you will of it yeah? If you have a good analysis or thought about it, do share it with me. Cheers for the weekends!)

Misconstrued intentions
Mistaken notions
Misinterpreted actions
Misdirected goodwill

Just as how beautiful minds cannot thrive in a filthy world
And innocent thoughts cannot filter through a corrupt space

Some people are not meant to fit well into this place.

You Call My Name

(Your soldier boy here is on medical leave these few days, so a blog post sounds like a good way to spend some free time. I’m going to talk about this new friend that I’ve made recently, and I shall link it to the movie / novel, “A Walk To Remember”. It does add a warm fuzzy feeling on rainy days.)

I like the way you call my name
Instead of how others we know do it:
You make it so much more personal
That it does bring a smile to my face;

I don’t remember the last time I walked anyone home
But we’ve only been out twice and I have already
Strolled you to your apartment as many times
That it feels natural and just the thing to do;

i like how loyal and genuine you are
Without the general pretence we see all around us:
It makes impressions and manipulated words look out of place
On a dinner table shared between me and you;

I think this is something different altogether
Just as how you’re someone quite different
From the usual crowd I see and hang out with
That slowly changes me into someone I never was;

You are doing this one thing no one has done before:
You make me want to be better.


(Here’s a midweek post in the midst of SAF Day, a half day off for all country-loving and proud soldiers. Hope all military personnel in Singapore get a good rest, and congratulations to all those who received a promotion today.)

I watched as the two walked away:
Their silhouettes disappearing in the sunset,
Their laughter trailing off in the distance,
Their military combat days over in the twilight;

Off they go to academic training once more,
Away from the fields and mud they walk on,
To stethoscopes and mannequins they embark,
Leaving behind a parade square of men in the dark;

I feel the urge to go but I know I need fear not,
For my bags too are packed and ready to move on,
Not sure where to or what to they shall head towards,
But for certainty the dirt and the dust is what they shall pass;

I’ll be right there with you soon.