A Dedication (Three Minutes’ Work)

Here’s a post I dedicate to all who are
Left out or misunderstood in a complicated world
Where simplicity becomes the bane
In the workings of complexities and anxiety;

Don’t feel so bad if whatever you do and all that you do
Seems wrong or insufficient in the eyes of others
Merely because it does not align with the way they work
Or the way they think things should work;

Many a misplaced grievance is caused
By the misjudged expectations of others;

Run away and be free.

Important In Life / Existentialism

(Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it’s a public holiday today so I hope everyone can have a hazy good time.. Ops, I mean crazy good time. For those living in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia, do stay in doors more to avoid the haze; it is prudent to take care of your health. Here’s a short post for the morning in between the rush.)

Ask any man what he thinks is important in life:
Some will say wealth and others will say health,
While some will say happiness and others may say
Family or friends or someone he loves everyday;

Ask any guru what he thinks is important in life:
Some will say compassion and others will say love,
While some will say nirvana and others may say
There is nothing so very important in life except today;

Ask me what I think is important in life:
I say it is freedom in life within and without any strife;

Think’st thou otherwise?


(A moment of peace and quiet amidst sentry duty. Two line spacings don’t work on my mobile WordPress, so three dashes shall have to determine paragraphings and breaks.)

There are infinite number of lives all around us:

The ants hurrying about beneath our feet,

The grass that continuously grow unbeknownst to us,

The birds that chirp and the bees that buzz by;

To the ants the task of carrying it’s food around

Is everything in life that matters to them

While for the bees the job of collecting nectar

Is all that is important for them in their existence;

We watch the ants and the bees at work:

We think what they go about everyday is so minute

That their lives of carrying food and making honey

Is nothing too much to be concerned about;

Yet to them:

All that was ever worth worrying about in life

Is whether food can get safely to their nest

And if they can stay alive doing what they do;

What do you think the Universe thinks

When It sees us fretting over our next promotion

Or our academic exams and all the little things

That seem all so important to us?

If the Universe can show compassion to us,

What more to say of us to those we see as less than us?

Something / Someone Simple

(It’s been very dry these days so I’ll break my own rules and put in a post on a Friday evening. Sometimes we need simple things to get us through less than ideal parts of our lives.)

I’d love to come by your place
With a blue convertible I’ll pick you up
And we’ll go for a night drive
To a cozy place just to chill a little;

You’ll smile when you see
My car coming round the corner
With a bouquet of flowers in the backseat
And a sweet little plan hatched for the evening;

I think your smile will be more beautiful in reality
Than what I see every night before I fall asleep.

The Haze

It’s a hazy shade of winter:
Just in the wrong climate and an innocent country;

The haze engulfs the nation in a sort of darkness
As shell-shocked (non-red lightning) members look on helpless;

Millions have been spent but the shroud continues to envelop
Without a chance for the common man in the street to protest;

The streets are quiet with a sort of expectancy
Waiting with little patience for skies to turn blue again;

Yet the haze goes on and the rants rave on.