Merry Christmas

(A short one before bed sounds like a good idea?)

It’s the night of Boxing Day and for many of us
The party is quieting down and the guests are leaving:
Making their sleepy way home after a fun Christmas Eve and Day
While we put the wine glasses away and remove the stained table cloth;

The merry-making will go on for the Christmastide through to the New Year
To cap off a year of ups and downs and highs and lows
A year that is very much like many others before for many of us now
Yet perhaps for some of us it has been a different year – maybe one that is special;

The year has come to a close:
What has come to pass has passed before our eyes in the days gone
While what is to come lies ahead before us in the days that are to come
Almost like a window of transition between the past and future – yesterday and tomorrow;

A good time to think of what has been done in the year behind,
A good time too to think of what is to be done in the year ahead;

While all that thinking is in progress:
Do remember to pour yourself a glass of wine and have yourself some fruit cake
To keep in mind that it is still the joyous season of Christmas
Where the cheers will continue and the spirit of gratitude and merriment will go on;

Merry Christmas.

New Guitar: Epiphone EJ-200CE

If you guys were wondering why I’ve been blogging much lesser these days, it’s because of this new instrument below.


It’s a brand new Vintage Sunburst Epiphone EJ-200CE, a great sounding guitar known as the “King of the Flat Tops”. It is the Epiphone equivalent of the Gibson J200, possibly one of the most famous acoustic guitars ever as played by some of the most well known figures such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, Don Everly, Bob Dylan and many others.

It is a great sounding acoustic guitar that is versatile and easy to play for all levels of guitar playing. The built-in pick-up, the eSonic2, is a reputable pick-up that comes with NanoFlex and NanoMag which allows for a wide range of sounds to be achieved.

With a beautiful Jumbo body shape, great sound and ease of playing, this guitar is definitely suitable for any guitar player interested in an acoustic guitar that is worth many times its price. As a plus, this guitar is probably the most recognisable acoustic guitar ever made. Certainly worth a try.

A Moment In Time

(Just 5 minutes before bed)

All of us await one moment in life where
We are truly free and ourselves and can do what we want –
Regardless of what it is that we do or how we want to do it
There is a moment we all wait for: to be free and to be ourselves;

I don’t mean something simple like running away from overly protective parents
Or getting out of the restraining grip of school or society:
I mean one moment in time where we break free from all burdens and chains
To be who we and what we are – truly and without any repression;

The whole idea of delayed gratification or the classic ‘when I am / when I have..’
Is founded based upon this (distant) ideal of being totally free and at will
A state where there no longer is any force inhibiting us or holding us back
Where (and when) we run free and easy beyond what material can comfort;

This moment possibly will never come at all:
Yet we all know that we anchor our dreams upon this one moment in time
Created in the depths of our souls for the final gratification that is to come
Possibly a time and place where angels float amidst the heavenly spheres;

Are you waiting for such a moment?

What’s Due

(Just a short 5 minute scribble before I continue the night listening to Elvis. The King’s on the playlist tonight haha)

I have a feeling that all of us – yes probably every single one of us
Expect some things from life which we are likely to consider
Things that are due to us: in the sense that we’re entitled to certain things in life
Maybe in the material form or in terms of our circumstances;

We think perhaps that life owes us things which we rightfully deserve
Like maybe a well to do background or a happy family
Or possibly other things like having a set of parents who are more lax
Or maybe getting the same privileges and golden spoons in life that others have;

We want so many things from and out of life that I’m not too sure
If we’re sometimes asking for too much at a go and doing so too often
That we forget that life owes us nothing and what is due to us
Is not really due to us because it is not a right but is rather more a gift;

It is hard to explain why some people start with great footings and have
All the things in life which we ourselves want so badly but cannot have
Without bringing in the concept or idea of karma – that all things are a result of
Causation and Effect where all that is given is decided by what is before;

Perhaps the best that we can do in life is not to focus on what is due (owed) to us
But rather focus on what can be achieved and gained due to us:
Our hard work and will in doing the best we can for ourselves
So that we can with our own hands create a life that we want for ourselves;

So when and what is everything due (to) really?

The Songs We Used To Sing

Songs are remembered for the memories and people
That we (unknowingly or otherwise) associate the songs to –
Whether a previous lover or acquaintance or even a random stranger;

We never would know who or what exactly we relate songs to
Until we hear the songs being played and the memories start flooding back:
Whether a scene at a cafe or just a simple exchange of words
Some songs are just defined by the moments captured and the memories evoked;

Not every song is like that – in fact most songs are just what they are
Except the really special few which we have come to represent
Certain places or people or even just a mere ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’
That become memories revisited whenever the song is heard;

If you listen to a song and reminiscence of a time past
Perhaps you really do miss certain people and certain moments;

Just like the songs we used to sing.

For a Friend (Who Has Flown Off)

We threw punches at each other in and out of class
Like little boys trying to catch the other off-guard
The punches flew in sometimes exaggerated fashions
While the blocks and parrying were dispatched in movie-like stances;

I would brace and let you try a new punching style
While you would shield to allow me a shot at a new kick
As though we were Bruce Lee or Ip Man or some world renown martial artist
Demonstrating our famous sidekicks or one-inch punches;

While some punches may have hurt and other kicks may have stung
I did enjoy every bit of our friendship (yes – even your silly slangs and weird ways)
And I’m really glad we did all that martial arts and ‘wannabe’ kungfu master together
To the extent of calling each other ‘sifu’ and throwing punches as we go;

Take care my friend: you’ll become a kungfu master someday somewhere
And yes I echo your wish that may our paths all cross again someday:
All you have to do is to buy an airplane ticket and come back to see us –
That’s al it takes for our paths to cross and our lives to intersect again (that’s easy!)

(Til then, bon voyage and may the punches and kicks get better and faster)


(Just 5 minutes before going to bed; I’m in a super sleepy state of mind (not a New York State of Mind haha) but I’ll try to make up a few lines and see how far I can go)

There are many things in life which are fragile:
Things which are easily shattered by slight mishandling
Or broken by rough abuse intentional (or otherwise)
That hardly can be restored to it’s former perfection (try as we might);

Such things are easily ruined where just a slight crack anywhere
Can spread and cause a complete shattering
Which leaves on the ground shards of broken promises
That probably would take years to mend (and likely never fully mended);

Trust is one such thing and it best be kept safe.