Eight In The Morning

It’s eight in the morning and i feel like doing a little writing,
Three hours have passed since the bed has been left in its present state,
Two hours since the darkness was broken by the first streak of light,
One hour since the coffee ran cold and the effect of the caffeine worn off;

Hey you – how have you been doing lately?
It’s been awhile and I hope you’re doing well; 

Do you remember the hours we spent sitting by the park benches breathing the fresh air?
Have you forgotten the afternoons when we sat playing with toys in the middle of the hall?
Can you recall the moments when we enjoyed an ice cream on a warm summer afternoon?
Will you keep in your memories the nights we spent staying up chatting and counting the twinkling stars?

Are you still there when I need you around?
Or are you just a fragment of my imagination,

Nowhere to be found? 


(just to make things a little more interesting, people who chance upon this post are welcome to guess what or who this scribble is about. I wouldn’t call it a poem because it simply isn’t up to scratch yet. Well please do personal message / text / facebook / some way some how tell me what you think. looking forward to hearing interesting answers!)

“She doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus”

an interview with one of my favourite teachers of all time, Mrs Nicola Perry. She teaches me English Literature at Raffles and cracks us all up with her funny moments and cheerful disposition; a most passionate and loving teacher

Word of Mouth

In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, Raffles Press has collaborated with the 34th Student Council’s Teacher’s Day Committee to bring you a series of articles featuring several teachers and non-teaching staff in Raffles Institution. In this installment, we feature Mrs Nicola Perry, the HOD of English Literature.

1530438_10151962233164585_1634757741_n Photo courtesy of Theophilius Kwek

Our first sign that Mrs. Nicola Perry was going to be one of the most extraordinary teachers we’ve ever met was that on her first lecture with us, she peeled and cut an onion to illustrate a metaphor from a Carol Ann Duffy poem on Valentine’s Day. Mrs Perry could well be described as a walking edition of Shakespeare’s Complete Works (and John Donne’s, and Alexander Pope’s, and William Wordsworth’s, and W.H. Auden’s – the list goes on). Possessing at the tips of her fingers or her tongue the better half of the entire Western Canon, she is as…

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RIP Robin Williams


I loved Robin Williams for all his humour and acting, and I think he was absolutely fantastic. It’s a sad loss, but thank you Williams for all that you’ve given to the world. 

I particularly loved his role as English teacher John Keating in Dead Poets Society; absolutely inspirational movie and role. My Lit teacher Mrs Perry showed us a snippet of DPS for literature lecture earlier and it was this exact bit here. I got so much feels from it, and I think I’ll watch it again sometime soon. 

National Day Celebrations

I think there’s something to be proud of for each and every citizen,
To look at the country’s change and development over the years,
To feel that connection to the country like one feels towards the home,
For it is in the country that the home is situated in; 

Indeed we look towards universal ideals – humanistic philosophies and values,
But as we move towards an increasingly globalized world of interconnectedness,
As the globe becomes a seemingly smaller place and a mentally tinier space, 
Let us remember that home is where our heart is;

A sea of red and white balloons swamp up into the air amidst the cheers,
Half a century of nationhood to look back upon and much more to look forward to,
Singapore a country where the young and old feel a pride and belonging to,
Where in our hearts this tiny red dot occupies a special little corner dear;

‘Our People, Our Home’ – I hope that is what our country holds to be, 
In the years before and the years that are to come for you and me – we.