If I wrote you a love song, would you listen to every line and wish you were mine?

If I told you I love you, would you look me in the eye and never say goodbye?

If I asked you to wait for me, would you read my letters on rainy days of pitter patter?

If only this were to happen.. but you said no before even having the chance to know.


(I get bored sometimes, so don’t mind if this sounds a tad boring too; I do however agree that a long distance relationship is hard to sustain. Ha ha.)



It’s You (Yes You)

“I feel it whenever I look into your eyes, that feeling that makes me smile myself silly as I get lost in the beauty of your world as I gaze on;

I love the way you smile, how it comes out so natural as though you never knew how beautiful it always is;

I like the little touches we have between us, simple brushes that sends nice little tingles that leaves me wanting a bit more of something so lovely;

I enjoy every bit of the nice warm sensation that permeates from head to toe and keeps the heart comfortably nestled whenever we share a laughter together;

I don’t know what this is all about really, but I know for sure that it’s you (yes you) and only you;

Just tell me you love me and I’ll sing you a melody of love struck and a song of a boy oh so smitten.”




If one dislikes appearing shallow or inapt, he should seek to know more and do better;

Just as the tiger endears being king of the jungle, he should endeavour to assert his dominance. 

Deep Reality 

Imagine the current reality to be something like overlapping translucent sketch sheets, where each layer is an individual’s perception and his own reality. Some people have stronger minds and stronger wills, so the sketch on their translucent sheet is more distinct. 

Reality is something of an art piece that continually changes, and each person’s mind contributes a part to this ever morphing art piece.

If you actively seek to change your mind and your reality, it may affect the entire combined reality of this world that is made up of many, many sketches, depending on how strong the change is that may cause your own sketch to be more distinct and prominent. 

The universe is made up of all of the time-less art pieces that are made up of countless sketches, of all living beings and existences past, present and future. All of these art pieces co-exist together to form a complete picture, each art piece a different reality of different outcomes and possibilities. If you have strokes that are clear, focussed and powerful, the universe could just shape a master piece of artwork around you and allow you a glimpse of all the art pieces that makes up the complete picture that is the universe itself. 

You will then no longer be a sketch piece; you will be an observer of this process, and a witness of existence. 

Have You Ever

Have you ever sensed this tremendous potential inside you?

Have you ever experienced the power you have within you that you know is capable of anything?

Have you ever felt restricted and suppressed, like something impatiently waiting to burst onto the scene?

Have you ever wondered what’s stopping you then?

If you can channel that which is within you without, there is nothing in this world you cannot possess or achieve.


We’re all attracted to some things or qualities that we don’t possess. We admire them, long for them, desire them.. and somehow those things don’t come by easy. 

Some of us do achieve those things and qualities in our lifetime, that we see in others which we don’t have in ourselves. 

When we obtain those things we discover all of a sudden that we don’t want them as much anymore. In fact, it feels like we never wanted them to begin with. They could feel almost revolting. 

Then we realise why we never had those things. They weren’t meant to be, yet we thought otherwise.. not knowing better. 


And he told him, “I’m not like you.. I don’t take all the shortcuts in life.”

Perhaps that is what is wrong with him, all the shortcuts he thinks he’s taking.

Sometimes maybe there is no shortcut. One has to grind it through, work for it, and get it after much sweat and tears.

The shortcuts may not lead to the destinations he’s looking for, they may lead him off course, to a totally different place that he may not want to be. Maybe these shortcuts are killing him unknowingly, such that when he looks behind him there is no one there and no place to be anymore.

Probably the only things left are the ghosts of a past time, of a past place, and of a past him.