There has to be
More love on earth between people
Where we refrain from harsh speech and actions
And love our neighbours as we love ourselves;

There has to be
More love on this planet for the animals
Where we refrain from willingly killing them or eating them
And remember that they too are living beings like us;

There has to be
More kindness and compassion in this world
Where all living creatures can co-exist peacefully together
Whether human, insect or animal;

Love transcends religion and doctrine:
It exceeds whatever man-made structure or system there is
And goes beyond all the rigidities that sometimes detract
Because love comes not from us;

It is from the universe or God or creator or however you know it
Where it is for us to share to make lives better for ourselves
As well as for all living beings around us so that
All things good can prevail and exist in this world;


(I would like to recommend a meat-free diet for everyone, because the animals deserve to live and the butchers should be spared from the cruelties of killing. Yes indeed, we eat what we eat.. but I think the animals deserve a chance too.)

Story of Remembrance

Tonight I take a little walk
Down memory lane with my soles
To little hideouts hardly explored and alleys
Hardly ever visited even though just around the corner;

I take them down to the age old dinosaur park
Which Rosa calls by it’s official name Fu Shan Garden
But to us kids who grew up around that area we know
That the dinosaurs in the garden come alive when the adults look away;

I see people sitting on benches sharing a drink
Exchanging little secrets in the shade and just talking
About the day and of days that are to come
Smiling as they wind down in the cool evening breeze;

With every step I take I feel them wearing down:
My soles are getting worn out and jaded by
The countless hours of walking and running
That they appear almost to be losing their grip and bearing;

I take a little slip and lose my balance for a moment:
Not enough to fall but just enough for me to realize
That it is about time that I stop relying on these old soles of mine
And take a step forward to move on to other things out there;

The soles and soul need a renewal every now and then
But it doesn’t mean we forget the things we had
Which brought us so far and gave us so much
To see us to where we stand proudly today;

This is the story of remembrance.

Just An Interview

(5 minutes after an interview, let’s go)

This time round it is little other than
One of the government ministries that sits on the other end
Not much really – just an interview for a position of
An intern with the education ministry;

The questions were standard but the answers
They admitted were a little stranger than expected
Because this is a practical society where
Ideals are best left in the dressing room (and I know that);

The questions were a little controversial and are issues
That across society have been hotly debated both
For and against this very notion that involves
The idea of meritocracy and equality;

I’m not sure if you wanted to go there – this notion of meritocracy
But if you ask me for my personal opinion then
That is exactly what I’m going to present you
Nothing but the very truth of what I think (and possibly know);

It was an interesting discussion that possibly exceeded
Where an intern or a teacher should go with the ministry
But I don’t really think it matters because
Let’s not stifle opinions and engage in useless group think;

That is the ministry and this is
Just an interview.


(This is what happens when there is no book available to be read on the trains and movies are too long for a short ride)

It was between you and me
Against each other with only one victor
A situation calling for strategies and plans
Between individuals just about everyday everywhere;

There are many places available to us where
We can position ourselves as best as we can so that
We can make our moves when the time is right
And when the opportunity arises for us to take action;

Yes this is exactly what is seen everyday
On crowded trains and packed subways
Where people tussle for seats
Just to catch a quick rest after a long day’s work;

It was between you and me
But we both won –

Two seats freed up
And we basked in the splendour of rest.

Friend For A Holiday

A friend for a holiday is someone
Who is unpredictable and comes across thrilling
Because nothing is certain and nothing is rigid
Where everything can change and what is to come

Remains a mystery and excitement;

He is someone who has no plans
And bases everything on spontaneity and fun
Where unplanned train rides and short flights are
The life plans by which he sticks by;

He would have seen it all and done it all
Probably more than anyone else and with
A little knowledge of all sorts of things just enough
To come across both as a tourist and a life guide;

This is all fine and good for a holiday
(But the rest is left to be said)

Think Otherwise

(Just 5 minutes before I tackle the intricacies of Southeast Asian History)

Its not rare for us sometimes to look at how old we are
And think quietly to ourselves,
‘hey, ain’t I all grown up already?’

As though the numbers actually mean something;

You think of yourself as perhaps an eighteen year old
That is all ready to take on the world after college
With a future to look ahead to
And a university and career waiting in store;

You think of all the things you’re going to get
For yourself
Such as your first car or first house or first dog or
Even your first girlfriend or first job;

Then you get a little lost with all these thoughts
For a while – not long but just a while,
And then you look at the things around you and
The main things that you think about in your free time:

That it was only a few months ago when you were still in school
Wearing maybe a uniform and doing something really immature
Like dirtying your whole mouth eating your favourite ice cream cone
Or just sitting on the slide with your best friend laughing;

And then you can’t help but wonder:
Have I really grown up?
Are the times really bygone now?

In a twinkle perhaps you will realize
That sometimes some things in life never will change:

Your childhood best friend will always stay as your childhood best friend
While your favourite ice cream too will stay as your favourite ice cream
And you’ll always stay the person that you were and are

Except that you may think otherwise.

A Helping Hand

(5 minutes after lunch, let’s go. This is just a short tale for the afternoon, rather interesting I think; tell me what you all think as well yeah?)

I tried to show you that I could get up
With my own effort and strength to the point that
I tried to stand up without using my hands
And with one foot permanently off the ground;

It is difficult to elevate oneself from sitting down
Without the use of the hands and merely relying
On the strength of one leg to lift the mass of the entire person
But I thought I could and I thought I could show you how;

You laughed and said nothing
But you offered me your hand and told me
‘Sometimes you don’t have to do things alone
When it is much easier with a helping hand’;

I kept silent and took your hand with a smile
But in my mind I know that this is what it is:
A hand is always held out for you to reach for
And sometimes you really don’t have to do things alone;

This is the basis of our friendship.

Make A Difference

(Just 5 minutes before bed)

There are days when you can’t help but just
Sit there and wonder what you’ve been doing
With your life thus far and you begin to ponder over
What is to come in the months or years ahead;

They say that life is a series of continuous change
And you look back at your life and you think to yourself,
‘I can’t believe that was so many years ago’
Reflecting on the things you did and the things you dreamt of;

Perhaps it would be good to stop once in awhile
And just ask yourself if you could have one wish – any wish,
What you would wish for just so that you know
If you’re actually working towards what you really want

Or if you’re just living life – or shall I say trying to live life
In a manner that someone else told you to
Or in a way that is safe and certain that you are almost
Afraid to pursue your dreams and hopes conceived in youth;

Take a moment – just a quick short moment would suffice,
And think about what you really want out of life
So that you can make changes to things now
To reach a little closer to the star that you long to embrace;

There’s no place better than here
There’s no time better than now
So let us let every moment in life
And every instant in time

Make a difference.

Modern Writers These Days

(7 minute challenge, let’s go)

Modern writers these day
Use complex and convoluted words
To express some abstract idea or perspective
As though sophistication is key to intelligent writing;

They throw bombastic words around
And float abstract symbols about in order to
Appear a little more complicated and a little deeper
If you will;

These profound imagery and metaphors
Are not easily deciphered nor understood
And the reader is left scratching his head as though
His simplicity refuses him the ability to read beyond the words;

In fact the loss is not in the inaptitude of the reader:
It is in the symbols not unravelled
And the deeper meaning withheld that is the true loss
More to the writers than the readers;

Writings of false complexity is nothing more than simply
Contrived acts of intellectualism to show the world
That one can use the convolution of language and meaning
To create an impression of depth and mystery;

Let us not lose the art of simplicity,
For the true skills of writing lie in
The simple use of words to convey meaning
Far beyond what confusion in bombastic words may achieve;

Modern writers these days – complexity in simplicity is key.

Now Heaven Walks On Earth

(we do let our imagination have a light workout after dinner sometimes yeah? here’s one for modern day ‘Orsino’ with all due respects. There is only one line reference to Twelfth Night so it really has a limited link; I wouldn’t dare to touch anything that Shakespeare writes, at least not at my present standard of scribbles.)

I used to admire you from afar
Where your beauty mesmerised me to no end
And as I watch you sashay down the middle walkway
I feel as though it’s a moment of ‘now heaven walks on earth’;

I used to imagine how you would sound
Or how you would smell when we talk up close
Almost like a dream whenever I see you around
Yet I never had the courage to direct you a smile;

You had possibly the nicest pair of shoes
Which only is so because of your beautiful legs
Tall as you are your jacket looks great on you
And I sometimes I get lost just looking at you stroll by;

I saw you sitting alone nearby today
With a worried look on your face you appear
A little troubled and a little sad and all I could think of
Was to talk to you and make you smile (even if a little);

I didn’t know where to start or what to say
Boy did i get nervous just thinking of how to begin
And as I walked over I really didn’t think
That for real I just was about to say hello;

(Okay I’m not too sure how I want to proceed from here, because I think modern ‘Orsino’ would be disappointed that his lady on a pedestal just doesn’t quite meet his imagination/expectations. So readers, here’s a challenge: can someone complete this for me? Tell me how it goes, or how it goes wrong and I’ll be most honoured to share it on my blog. Cheers everyone!)