From Chisholm’s
“When things are good well,
Something will go wrong”

To Murphy’s
“If anything can go wrong,
It will (go wrong)”

There is a lack of faith
That good things can last
That maybe life is actually
Rigged in your favour (Rumi);

Maybe good things will last
If you believe them to be so
That perhaps all things are in the mind
If you will it to be so;

I think it’s worth a try.

Friend For A Holiday Too

Nah I was wrong:
You’re not just a friend for a holiday
You’re just the best person for one
An ideal ‘come away with me’ person;

Perhaps that is
Something I aspire towards
Something I like very much in you
Something I may not necessarily possess;

Maybe that would make
Everything easier to handle
Everything more free and easy
Everything in short: better;

It could be just a little goal
To break free from the mould.

Lawyer’s Creed

Belli’s Law reads that “There is never a deed so foul that something couldn’t be said for the guy; that is why there are lawyers.”

To adapt it to become a lawyer’s creed, it can be modified to read “There is never a deed so foul that something couldn’t be said for the guy; there however also is never an injustice so small that something couldn’t be said against the guy; that is why there are lawyers.”

Why Oh Why?

Why force something
You know won’t work
Even if you give your best
Or maybe even your all?

Why try at it when
You know it is tough
With hardly a chance of success
Even with the best of luck?

Why is it that
Sensibility doesn’t take charge
To lead you to make decisions
That will bring you high and far?

Why do you keep asking why
When the way ahead is so clear cut?

Why do we want things
That make us unhappy
That make us struggle
With no promise that is on par?

We creatures of contradiction
Why oh why?

Yes You!

Hey you come back here!

I want to tell you something:
What I did in the afternoon
What I had for lunch and dinner
What I saw when I went to the grocery store;

Yes stay for a minute!

I want to tell you everything:
What I feel about the world
What I think about the food
What I know about the things around;

Just for awhile more!

I want to be with you now:
How I would love to hug you close
How I would adore giving you a kiss
How I would yearn to hold your hand;

Maybe there isn’t a need
For so many words to say
Just two sets of three words is enough:

I love you and I thank you.

(I don’t know, but somehow I get the feeling that if you don’t let the people around you know that you sincerely appreciate them for being around and for the things they do.. I guess the next time you reach out to them they may not be there anymore. It’s good to let them know that as they care for you, you too do care for them as well. That’s my fair share of thoughts for a chilly night, good night and keep warm everyone.)