What It Is

(I’m doing a poetry comparison on the theme of Happiness)

Happiness – something we think to be very complicated yet simple,
A notion that we hold that is to happen in future,
Almost like a concept that we create for ourselves
To believe that it is something somehow possible sometime (later);

It is not as you might think it to be really,
Happiness isn’t something abstract or to be reached,
It is made up of little moments of laughter and smiles,
Where in the midst of good company one feels blessed and content;

Don’t set it to be something you need to reach hard for,
It is already something you have with you if you
Would just look at the little moments where you’ve been thankful,
And you will find in those moments the happiness that you seek;

Happiness is what it is – what you make of it.

By and By

(5 min challenge, midnight)

We sat about talking about frisbees,
The disk that flies free in the sky,
Where it goes where we direct it to,
Floating at times with the wind that blows;

Lovely is the path that is charted ahead,
Sailing nicely as the breeze caresses its surface,
Knowing in safe arms and paradise it will land,
Let loose by a warm and tender release of a nice firm hand;

But then from hence too I shot out a boomerang,
Where I watch it go hoping it will come back,
Taking out what it was intended to break loose,
Yet from release the feeling was that it’ll not return soon;

It drifted along with the casual flow of the wind,
By and by in the distance the boomerang was lost,
A course unknown and a path that is yet to exist,
It never once bade a goodbye as it disappeared into the sunset.

O Caffeine O Caffeine

O Caffeine O Caffeine,
You who have kept me up many nights sighing on my pillow,
Nights where the shadows grow long and the leaves creep closer,
Such nights of unrest and unease;

O Caffeine O Caffeine,
You that cause my heart to race and sweat beads to form,
Where the dark of the night rivals the dark of the mind,
Such moments of anxiety and nervousness;

O Caffeine O Caffeine,
Times when you grip my heart and hold my mind ransom,
Leaving me with only fear and despair,
Giving me up to the uncertainties and pains of existence;

O Caffeine O Caffeine,
You are one such metaphor,
Present in the coffee that one drowns oneself in everyday,
Used as an excuse for just one more cup and one more day;

O Caffeine O Caffeine,
How much you endear yourself to me while I push you away!

It’s Probably Easier

(I have nothing to do on the train so.. here goes; happens when one is reluctant to reach for the book to read in the bag)

There will come many times and moments in life,
Where you’ll look back at the years gone by,
And wonder to yourself what you have done all those years,
How you’ve gotten some things right and others wrong;

These instances in life are indeed very potent,
Because in looking back you are likely to have
Two general emotions: Satisfaction or regret,
It really can only be one or the other that will dominate;

Now tell me:
That you’ve just paused and given a thought,
And felt both surges of emotions flood your sense,
So frankly which feeling is stronger now?

Of course it occurs differently for different areas in life,
Depending where and what in life you are now,
For what lies ahead might overpower what is in the past,
But come on don’t tell me you’ve gotten your thoughts in a knot now?

They all say that train journeys are the best time to think,
But maybe I’d rather take out a book and read:

It’s probably easier.


(with input from an imagined conversation with the person beside me reading a book)

No Title

(wet and rainy, a Thursday morning)

Uncertainties in life are what bother people everyday,
‘The feeling that all is nothing’ – Waterland puts it so,
That’s why people set goals for themselves and ambitions,
To create that sense of purpose and meaning that would mask the void;

We create promises and life plans through imagination and thought,
To have an (in)concrete image of the future that is to come,
Simply because we cannot take the uncertainties lying ahead,
Choosing rather to hold on to dreams and visions created today of tomorrow;

If you change your mind – look at it a different way,
Uncertainties are simply possibilities waiting to occur,
That things can go one way or the other – left or maybe right,
That perhaps if you just walk on you’ll eventually reach the future;

You will reach the future – and it might not be as you expect,
It can be better or it can be totally different,
Perhaps life in itself is not supposed to be predictable or certain,
Otherwise you would not be as you are or as you could be;

Live for today, smile for yesterday, and
Let tomorrow be what it is – tomorrow.

Random Writing / Deep Recesses

(just a random scribble, nothing really but here we go)


In the deep recesses of my drawer,
I know your note from a year and a half back
Is lying there somewhere amongst all the other things,
But I don’t think I want to search for it;

It was a nice time then I guess,
New phase and new faces and yes indeed I tried,
I thought ‘alright let’s do this all over again’ – it was a choice,
And your note (and hug) showed that it was all falling in place;

It didn’t last long to be honest,
Until when things started to crack up,
And it all began again and nice things ended,
Which looking at the note and picture would bring back those times;

I don’t know – I think I’ll smile if i read the note again,
Though the after thoughts would turn the smile upside down,
And likely turn the emotions inside out,
So I think I’ll leave the note and memories where they are:

In the deep recesses of my drawer and my mind when,
In the past where things and prospects were different then.

Where Do Your Eyes Fall?

(5 minute challenge for the evening)


It doesn’t matter – no it doesn’t really,
That the place can be crowded and full,
Or it can be empty with hardly a soul around,
Because tell me – where do your eyes fall?

There can be many tables empty,
All looking pretty much equally attractive (or not),
Tempting you to take a pick and to your fancy,
But then tell me – where do your eyes fall?

Well it could be that many (or most) tables are taken,
Each one guarded closely with little intent to share,
Turning you away with loaded places and empty spaces,
Pause a second and tell me – where do your eyes fall?

All this emptiness or spacelessness (if you will),
Your eyes may momentarily glance over them,
You can be tempted to just settle on one and make do,
But you know in your heart that it wouldn’t do – really;

Where your eyes fall is where your heart beckons to be,
Amidst one or all tables empty or taken,
That there is only one place you want and ought be:
At the table which you would call your own to be;

Now tell me again – where do your eyes fall?