An object of love
A representation of a relationship

The scratches on it mirror
The scars on the affection

Of a bitter-sweet romance both
Painful yet enduring
Scary yet exciting
Hateful yet lovely

We either feel to write
Or write to feel

Until words are no longer enough.


To prevent
Any Misunderstanding or Misinterpretation
The following lines are taken
From elsewhere:

I’d break his face
Knee him in the plexus
Give him two tight slaps
Punch him through the jaw
Leave him for dead

Only thing is
She’d bend over him
Tend to his wounds
Have her tears flowing
And her heart aching

He would have a broken nose
I would have a broken heart;

Or maybe I would end up with
Both of them broken.


The difference:
It’s tiring and it’s not worth it
It’s worth it but it’s tiring

You’d think ‘and’ sounds better than ‘but’
Yet not in this case;

Maybe it does hold true:
Mental weariness
Far outweigh
Physical tiredness;

But how queer:
Something non-phyiscal
Having greater physical quantification than
Something physical;

You can see your body
Can you do the same with your mind?


I’m Wondering Why

Receiver could go haywire
If sender sends mixed signals

Sender could send clear signals
Yet receiver may have tangled antennas

Boy may tell girl he loves her
But girl could think otherwise

Girl could ignore boy
Though boy may think otherwise

She may have the angel in her eyes
Yet she could have the devil in her heart

He may have the devil in his words
But he could have the angel in his soul

She could change her mind
He may not see the reason why

Don’t hurt him there
(Not a second time)

When he’s still here
Waiting for a second time.