In the deep realms where there is hardly even a lumen of light,
Where darkness is the order of the day and gloomier than the night,
Like a labyrinth that allows a minuscule chance of escape,
A place with a canopy of sadness clouding overhead;

Countless escape attempts have been tested and tried,
At times it appears freedom and liberty is right within sight,
Other moments it encircles and witnesses no way out within,
Yet true release seems more like an illusion than anything else;

All that breeds is frustrated anger and unkempt sorrow,
What manifests is undesirable hatred and disdain for tomorrow,
How exactly does one emerge from this bottomless black hole,
Free from all the shackles that keeps the spirit entrapped and low?

Where in the universe this place is that feels so dark and cold,
Perhaps unbeknownst it lies deep in the dark of our souls.


In Hand and Heart

The mighty and fearless line up on both sides of the clash:

In hand are spears, swords, shields and hammers held,
In heart are courage, love, strength and spirit felt,

The desire for victory in unknown grounds burns blood red in the souls of the oncoming,

The flame to defend the fatherland blazes fire red in the depth of the forsaken retreating;
In hand and heart was the battle of Methven won and lost that day.

For A Raisin

I wonder what it is about you that excites me,
What it is that draws me towards you,
That I look forward to seeing you around the campus grounds;

Perhaps you provide grounds for a roaming bird to land,
A universe for a lone star to be radiant,
A home for a weary heart to seek comfort and rest;

Sometimes words are so limited to express how we feel..

What more to speak of for a Raisin that holds such appeal?

– for a schoolmate, 2013
(written during an economics lecture)

The Table Behind

Glancing over at the table behind,


The guy is doing his best to appear sorry and dear,

Looking on sorrowfully with sympathetic puppy eyes;

The girl looks at him with eyes of nothing but welled-up tears,

 Feeling in her heart silently the hurt that gnaws about and cries;


Face to face on the same table and near though they sit, 

Their hearts surely are nowhere close but truly are afar,

He frantically explains and tries to dig a way out with his wit,

Yet she who sits with her eyes closed shakes her head with her mouth ajar;


She wants to just forsake everything and leave that very instant;


He sits right across the table wanting to settle it there and for certain;


 After a long moment of silence and tension,  

The couple take their leave from the cafe with unhappiness and suspicion;


Clearly the evening is ruined and the night is not to be healed,

There is a chance they might make up tomorrow or maybe tis’ the end, 

What lies in store for them two is not for me to reveal, 

But whose folly in this has hurtful jealousy made distend? 


Oh how I feel for the table behind!

Of What May

Looking at the neat stack but not reading a single word on the page,

The spoken words are heard loud and clear but they slip right on by, 

The physical body sits in the classroom while the mind sneaks away, 

To a place and time gone that yet is stuck in the sea of reminiscence;


The streets lights and busy traffic reappear and come alive again,

The laughter and conversations shared between us silently fill the room,

The smooth contours of your face stand out among the faceless crowd, 

Once again the feeling of warmth floods the senses and brings on a smile;


It would have been unjust to fate if we hadn’t made eye contact or talk, 

Or been too caught up with our own affairs to notice each other on board, 

Perhaps the whole experience would have been so much less complete, 

But certainly it would never have been so beautiful if our eyes hadn’t meet;


It’s been awhile since I last had such lovely chemistry with anyone,

While our closeness grew and our hands touch it was all so much fun, 

Yet subtly we are aware of the line that our friendship has drawn for us, 

But littler swayed us as we explore the city and what’s lying in our hearts;


We tempted the hands of fate and courted something of what may,

Now all we can do is sit back and watch as destiny show us the way.