Accusation of Fairness

The irritation lies not in
The question you ask or
The things that you say or
Anything about class really (secondary);

Perhaps the irritation lies in
The way you behave and
The way you ask me questions and
The way you are around her (primary);

Maybe we’re just elitist but
You’re not one of us.
(At least not yet/maybe never)

The Search Is On

Come let me write for you
As I watch a Pro Bono lecture
Take place right up front
While I sit right behind;

Many heads and ponytails
Many faces and spectacles
Many sleeping and many typing
All in the law fac auditorium;

Yet I don’t see you
Not your head nor ponytail
Not you sleeping nor typing
Where in the lac fac auditorium are you?

I wrote searching for you.