Untitled / Convergence

Synergy is everyone having the same picture in their heads
Of what they want to achieve at the end of the day and
Putting their heads together to work towards that goal –
Whatever it may be and however much it may require;

It is hard to achieve big things – or anything at all
If people all have different ideals and visions of the future
Where there is little overlap or commonalities
Such that they appear like ships with courses

Marked in different directions and set sail for different destinations;

The trick to harnessing the positive energy in each other
Is to find a common goal and a common dream so that there is


Awaiting A Knock?

(Inspired by a conversation)

I see you turn the keys to the lock and open the front door
To a house without the lights on and without anyone home:

You’re probably spending the night alone again where you will
Make a cup of instant noodles and take a warm shower
After which you will switch the television on and watch a rom-com
Until you fall asleep and be greeted by daylight the next morning;

You switch the lights on and turn back
To bid me a good night and a good bye most candid;

I wave a goodbye to you and wish you a good night ahead
While keeping my eyes on yours to catch you just for a moment longer;

I was hoping you would ask me to stay just a little longer
Even if only for a cup of coffee or tea or a little chatter,
But you take one last look at me with those dazzling eyes before you
Close the front door and disappear into that empty apartment of yours;

Do you shoot every guy a look so mesmerising
Or is it a hint that perhaps there is something more?

Is your heart locked like your front door,
Or are they both awaiting a knock?

These Days

There are mornings when we open up our eyes
And we do not feel like waking up and starting the day
Hoping that if we wish long enough perhaps we’ll get to stop time a little
So that the Sun doesn’t rise yet and we do not need to start the day just yet;

We can’t seem to find a reason to be awake or to get out of bed
Not because we are too tired or sleepy or too lazy but is
Rather due to the fact that we do not have much to look forward to
Or that there are things we look forward to avoid and to ignore;

Let us not let these days get us down or keep us low:
Let us find a reason to get up and get started
Simply because we never will know what lies ahead in the day
Or what surprises life has in store for us to turn things around.

Up Front

(This is a post slightly modified from something I’ve read in the classroom recently; it is indeed short, but still a good effort from a young student with the task to write a quatrain in free verse in the classroom. It is good for a stifled giggle nonetheless, good stuff)

She tries to be fierce standing up front everyday
But that little side smile is giving her away:
She looks very cute commanding the class
And in that she makes my heart race real fast.

The Old and The Young

The old and the young look at each other
Wondering what life for the other is like:

The old looks at the young thinking how
Life was like when he was that young;

The young looks at the old thinking how
Life would be like when he is that old;

The onlooker can’t help but realize that
Life goes on regardless of how it is like:
Whether young or old or in between,
Life continues to move on and time continues to press on;

It doesn’t matter how old you are or
How many strands of white hair there is,
What matters is whether you want to feel old or live young;

It doesn’t matter how young you are or
How small the digits to your age are,
What matters is how you live your life and realize your dreams;

What matters to you now,
The old and the young?

Space and Shoe Box

(Just 5 minutes before bed)

I don’t want to even imagine how you
Just severed ties with him when the relationship ended
Leaving him without a final message or a last letter
Choosing to just disappear totally from his life entirely;

It did appear like he chose to move on and push you aside
So you did likewise to move on and leave the memories behind
Like a locked away space somewhere in the depths of your heart
You chose to put that affair away and take it like it happened – never;

A blank space on your side and a shoe box on his:
What happened between you two became nothing more (to you) than an emptiness
While what took place between the two hearts became little more (to him) than
A shoe box of little messages and cards that contains a paleness of yesterday;

I am not sure what is filling the blank space of your heart right now,
Neither am I sure what is filling the shoe box of his memories there now;

His last attempt to fill up the space once again and add to the shoe box once more.

At The Wet Market

It is seven and early in the morning:

The bustling Sunday wet market is filled with people –
Grannies buying chilli to be cooked with bean sprout for the family,
Mothers buying fruits for the health of their delicate young ones,
Father and son out getting groceries for a vegetarian lunch;

There in the vegetable store stands the usual vegetable men
In their singlets and Hokkien slangs they shout prices and promote their greens
Where housewives and maids haggle for an extra broccoli or tomato
While the market grows busier and noiser as the morning passes by the minute;

There amongst the crowd works a young girl – no more than seventeen:
She is working up a sweat selling vegetables and collecting money
Where her hands smell of coins and a mixture of different roots and greens
Not exceptionally experienced she appears but enough to be of help;

Possibly a family business it is for her and a good vacation experience
Helping out at the vegetable store in the wet market –
Something which most teenagers these days do not get to go through
And who likely are not willing to dirty their hands or work up a sweat;

To tolerate the smell of all the different meats and vegetables in the wet market,
To learn to appreciate the redolence created by a variety of produce is
In itself a process not many are willing to go through or to adopt for a living
Even if it brings a reasonable income – contentment can be of question;

it is nonetheless a good experience and a profession as any other
Though not necessarily one that is suitable for every other;

It is seven and early in the morning
At the wet market.