A Quick Update, After So Long

warm, sunny morning

It has been such a long time since I last blogged, and it’s really interesting to look through the many blogs and blog posts that I’ve had over the past few years to see how much I’ve changed and grown (perhaps?) with the passing of time. The feeling of reading something posted 2 to 3 years back is really very weird, like a sense of surrealism to it, like a strange wonder as to whether that period of time of posting actually happened, or not.

Well, I am in the midst of my O levels, perhaps something that students would consider the examination of their life, well at least it is the one exam in which 10 years of education has prepared us for. It looks quite promising to me, and hopefully the promises of 7 A1s would spill over into reality for me come January.

Anyway, what I can say is that I’ve decided once again to alter my course, to change direction, to seek out a new destination to set sail on. It has been really wonderfully riding through 4 years in SJI, and probably 4 years which has had great ups and downs; a mixture of both bitter and sweet, good and bad. I probably have learnt how to better sail, after crashing and trying so many times, over and over again. As to further developments from here, I will be back in time to talk more about it. Well, I think things has to be concrete before I can speak about them right?

Anyway, talking about what was 2 years ago.. I don’t really have a clue how I want to take it from here. 2 years back and now.. things are the same, yet they also are so different at the same time. It was a different time and a different me 2 years ago, but then again.. it can be said to be the same, just that it is also very different in many different ways. It is quite a paradox how the passage of time is as such.

Perhaps I should give whatever was 2 years ago another shot, and perhaps not miss things up this time round?