A Mask

A mask is what we wear at times
To hide our own fears and worries of life
Where we appear other than what we are
To make ourselves look and feel better about things;

The mask can be a simple or elaborate one
But it still serves the same primary function of
Hiding our face from the world and the world from our face
So that we can behind our mask feel a little more secure;

Until we are strip bare of our cover
Perhaps we never will ever find truly who we are
Beyond what we present to the world
And maybe someday we will be masked even from ourselves;

Why wear’st thou thy mask?

One Moment

(5 minute challenge let’s go)

A moment of beauty and a snapshot of absolute compatibility,
They placed their watches around their left wrist at the same moment
As they stood up and spun around in complete synchronicity,
Like one soul in two bodies they complemented each other perfectly;

The timing was of such precision it was splendid spontaneity,
Like the moment the first raindrop hit the water surface everything stood in reverie,
A pair of doves they appeared to be of the same sympathy,
Where those who looked on could hear the harmony that completed the melody;

Nothing more has to be said: all was sung to the tune of love.

Little Tommy

(was sitting in the library and this popped up)

Where do you think you’re going little Tommy?
Come back home it’s dinner time and the food’s waiting,
You better hurry home because the food’s gonna get cold and rotting,
The table is laid and your daddy is getting angry because he ain’t gonna wait;

Why are you running away little Tommy?
It’s almost bedtime now and your nightmares are waiting,
You better not run too far because the night’s getting dark,
The bed is laid and the monster beneath your bed ain’t gonna wait;

Where are you little Tommy?
Your shoelaces aren’t tied and your mummy’s waiting,
You better not get lost because the road ahead is uncertain,
The path for you is cast in stone and life itself ain’t gonna wait;

Who do you think you are little Tommy?

An Inch Closer

(5 min challenge let’s go)

The wonders of scoring a goal or winning a point is an experience like no other,
Putting the ball into the back of the net
Or seeing the opponent fail to return the ball
Is something that thrills the very soul and excites the very mind,
Where in so doing we feel
A sense of overwhelming achievement success and confidence;

That is the very same feeling of being on top of the world:
In triumphing over the once seemingly impossible task
Of winning the game or taking the match point,
We alleviate all our worries and lay to rest all our doubts about our own abilities,
And we feel joys above the pains and hardship suffered
In the process leading up to the victory;

A goal or a point can be anything that you set out to do or be:
An academic challenge of (inter)national exams maybe,
Or making that first million and buying that hello Porsche possibly,
Or perhaps winning that medal in the sport which your heart burns passionately for;

You set your eyes on the medal and let the efforts take you through,
Where when the muscles fail the mind takes over,
And ceaselessly towards the podium you work as though that is what life is for,
Taking steps towards the stage by which you will in time show the world your talents;

Constantly remind yourself:
I am a step closer towards my goals,
And all will come to fruition with the whirligig of time;

Well I scored a simple point today,
And I know I am an inch closer to match point.


(5 minute challenge let’s go)

A conflict or so it seems between contrasting ambitions,
One which within the system a person shall rise in the charge of others,
The other without a structure will see the individual rise within his own charge,
Both equally rewarding yet possibly dangerous paths to head down;

Do you remember the times when we made our decisions together,
Where at crossroads we discuss and come to a choice like one mind,
And with it we walk down the path and look back not for a moment,
Believing instead that what we decide together is what it ought to be;

As it goes: ‘Present mirth hath present laughter,
What’s to come is still unsure’,
So good night everyone sleep tight,
And while we’re at it let’s not let the bed bugs bite.

A Choice of The Finest

(5 minute challenge let’s go)

The offers stream in with a variety of colours and emblems,
Like a smooth flow they come in from all over the world,
Presenting happy dilemmas of Boston Coventry or Exeter,
Pondering over a few weeks what will shape
The new few years and possibly next few decades of our lives;

The offers come with strings attached of three As or two with one B,
Looking at them thinking ‘wow that doesn’t look very hard’,
Or maybe considering ‘hmm can I fulfil the conditionalities?’
But knowing too that it still does hinge upon the results that are to come (and go);

Pretty exciting are the prospects that look us in the eye,
A set of university names and future to come that creates a happy problem for us all,
Leaving us scratching our heads as we sip on our tea thinking of what is to come,
Oh such dilemmas testing our decision-making and tugging at our excitable hearts!

But frankly:
Are we all not secretly (or openly) happy to have such choices placed in front of us?

Happy Graduation

It has gotten quite comfortable,
Yes it sure did take some time but
It has gotten comfortable after awhile;

I don’t profess that everything has been entirely at ease,
Or that it has all been smooth sailing and easy riding,
But the walls and rooms of the J block in some ways will
Always ring a familiar warm note each time it flashes in my mind;

The regular breakfast club table too makes mornings that little bit brighter;

Seeing familiar faces around gives the whole place that feeling
That we are all in this together and we’re here for each other,
Where a simple wave or a casual smile can turn a bad day around,
And a little conversation or chat can make life that little bit better;

We are not necessarily all so sentimental or emotionally attached,
But it is true that what has become familiar and warm to us
Does make parting a little bit harder and a little less desirable,
Where the thought of faces seen daily and smiles caught frequently
Not experienced as much or ever does make life that little bit colder;

A part of our heart stays in places where we’ve grown to love,
Just as how these little corners too in our hearts have taken their places;

Happy graduation one and all,
What lies ahead is for us to explore,
These past moments (I know) with always stay with us,
Where in looking back these memories forever will last.

Team Raffles.