(Here’s another post on the dramatisation and romanticisation of military life: this time it is about a young lieutenant and a private. Nothing too romantic, perhaps just a little underlying tension here and there. Hope you will enjoy it, it took all of three minutes haha.)

A young lieutenant shakes his head and says “no” with an explanation –
Not knowing that his adolescence within the military stands him in poor ground
Up against a young(er) private who stands firm on his feet with a thinking mind and
A wit sharper than any sword of honour the infantry army could provide;

You cannot blame the young lieutenant (to be honest):
He does not know what he is up against and he is definitely clueless
About the arsenal of ideas and words that are floating about behind enemy lines
Ready to be thrown to the frontline to take down any and all possible defences;

There was no fight nor open fire:
The private conceded the battle at the clash

But walked away knowing he had won the war.