How I Met Your Mother

When we were together, it was your thing
When we are not together, it is my thing;

I never saw it as part of my idea (of you)
Maybe you saw me as part of the idea (of it);

Some people live their lives in a fairytale
Other people live their lives in a sitcom;

Then there are some
Who don’t live at all.


When I Write

I write when I’m on the train
When Albert Hammond sings and
When glimpses of you appear
In the ghosts of the shadows of others

Just for a moment be close to you
Pretend that I’m still holding you

And perhaps someday
When we’re done chasing our fantasies

Maybe love will bring you back to me.

An Idea

Here’s one for you
The person who came back
But feels as though
Had just left;

It is not possible
That you are more reachable
That far away than you are
Just close by;

It was nice to feel you near
Yet it isn’t so when you are
Actually close because now you seem
So far away;

An idea: yes an idea
That is what this is
An idea and nothing more than
Something that doesn’t exist;

You’re a terrible friend
(But I still like you as one haha)