We Think

(5 minute challenge, let’s go)

People do things and say things,
And we think all these come from thin air and nowhere;

There is – a story behind everyone,
Stories which we may never know about or imagine,
Sometimes these stories explain actions and words,
Other times these tales simply bring a tear to the eye;

Indeed no one feels as another does,
That we can never get round to understanding the pains of another,
Where in our own eyes we view through our own issues and hurt,
That it all eventually rounds up to what we ourselves go through;

Lonely is the man who tries to be there for everyone,
But in his heart yet he knows there’s no one
Who can possibly be there for him to fill up his heart,
To take up the empty space within which makes him feel without;

‘We all wonder from the real world, we all come to our asylums’,
Yes that is right – a place where the line blurs,
Between madness and sanity there is little difference,
Wherein going to such an escape one meets the issue face on;

Enough now – the point of this all is very clear:
People do and say things based on their past and experiences,

So beware the man who seeks to listen to the sorrows of the world,
For he is the one who seeks external pains to smoothen the ones within.

No Title

(wet and rainy, a Thursday morning)

Uncertainties in life are what bother people everyday,
‘The feeling that all is nothing’ – Waterland puts it so,
That’s why people set goals for themselves and ambitions,
To create that sense of purpose and meaning that would mask the void;

We create promises and life plans through imagination and thought,
To have an (in)concrete image of the future that is to come,
Simply because we cannot take the uncertainties lying ahead,
Choosing rather to hold on to dreams and visions created today of tomorrow;

If you change your mind – look at it a different way,
Uncertainties are simply possibilities waiting to occur,
That things can go one way or the other – left or maybe right,
That perhaps if you just walk on you’ll eventually reach the future;

You will reach the future – and it might not be as you expect,
It can be better or it can be totally different,
Perhaps life in itself is not supposed to be predictable or certain,
Otherwise you would not be as you are or as you could be;

Live for today, smile for yesterday, and
Let tomorrow be what it is – tomorrow.

Mr. P (and Tom)

We asked him what talent is and what he made of it, 
He said it is ‘finding someone to love who loves you’, 
That there’s no better thing in life than love and companionship, 
And through the glory all that matters is someone there to share it with; 

He told us there’s value in being skeptical about life,
Perhaps we never really saw it in the way he did, 
Having fifty year of life more (or less) than what we do,
Maybe we didn’t want to see the realistic part of life behind the optimism;

I can now see why Waterland meant so much more to him,
The entrapment of the past is indeed haunting and melancholic,
Imagine having a life situation in some ways similar to what is written,
That perhaps the story of his life is not so different from what is unwritten;

The painful chains of the past prevents the pen from writing a future,
And its clutches does indeed stop the ink from flowing in the present.