Those Eyes

Those eyes, they look…

So tired,
So hurt,
So weary,
So sorrowful;

I asked myself a very simple question:
Where have I seen such eyes before?

The mirror turned away and shed a silent tear.


Cold & Wet Festive Season

cool, silent night

Floods, train breakdowns and the likes have hit Singapore hard in recent days and one cannot help but feel concerned and disturbed by the unpleasant incidents that have struck our sunny island. The constant downpour and drizzle has caused our shopping district to be flooded, and it is not the first time that our busy street has gone under the water this year. If you tell someone a decade ago that parts (such as Orchard) of Singapore may flood, you might almost hear the word ‘impossible’ being shot straight at you. Now, with the recent inclusion of the mighty Marina Barrage in our local map, I think more floods will take place when torrential rains hit and more problems may soon arise with little counter measures being put in place to protect our shoppers and shop owners. A link somewhere, perhaps?

Besides that, we also have the problem of our trains breaking down in the past week and many commuters have been inconvenienced in more than one way or another. Many smart people have stepped out to make comments about the technical glitches as well as the decline in competency and standard of SMRT; some of the comments made have been widely deemed as atrocious and stupid, with the forerunner of it all looking to be one of our supposedly smarter people who has a surname that comes after Yummmmm. What a brilliant way to attempt to start racial unrest and disharmony in the peaceful heartlands of Singapore.

Well, whoever has stepped out to say something to lessen the impact of the recent train incidents on SMRT and LTA,  I reckon it would be a simpler and probably more effective task to ask a particular someone to step down, instead of trying to use paper (excuses) to cover up and hide a fire. The transport system is not about making money from rental or whatever other means; it is about serving the people and ensuring that all Singaporeans can get around the country with ease and comfort. Is that not what the transport system is for, to take people from point A to point B, rather than taking people from point A to point B in a packed can of sardines and at the same time greedily fill huge pockets?

I suppose this is only the start of more problems and cracks that will appear out of a system and society that is profit based, where there is a disappointing lack of care, benefit and thought for those who share the same sunny island as the decision makers and the people with oversized and overloaded pockets that has brains that contain more air particles than brain cells. I think it is about time to look out of the ivory tower and see what exactly is going on on the grounds.