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(wet and rainy, a Thursday morning)

Uncertainties in life are what bother people everyday,
‘The feeling that all is nothing’ – Waterland puts it so,
That’s why people set goals for themselves and ambitions,
To create that sense of purpose and meaning that would mask the void;

We create promises and life plans through imagination and thought,
To have an (in)concrete image of the future that is to come,
Simply because we cannot take the uncertainties lying ahead,
Choosing rather to hold on to dreams and visions created today of tomorrow;

If you change your mind – look at it a different way,
Uncertainties are simply possibilities waiting to occur,
That things can go one way or the other – left or maybe right,
That perhaps if you just walk on you’ll eventually reach the future;

You will reach the future – and it might not be as you expect,
It can be better or it can be totally different,
Perhaps life in itself is not supposed to be predictable or certain,
Otherwise you would not be as you are or as you could be;

Live for today, smile for yesterday, and
Let tomorrow be what it is – tomorrow.



Just a simple boy with a simple dream,
To meet a simple girl and together do simple things;

Take away the complicated scene of  social interactions,
Do away with the complex setting of unstable emotions;

Imagine the innocent picture of a boy and a girl walking in the sunset,
Their hands held tightly together with hopes and dreams strolling towards the light;

O how bittersweet it is to imagine something so simple,
Yet know that things never are that easy or straightforward; 

Very often it is the shadows of yesterday that affects the hopes of tomorrow,
Where the sunlight of today is masked by the swallowing darkness of past sorrow;

Not Simple. 

Chaos Amidst The Chaos

The hands of the watch tick on,
The past is over – lost in its track,
The future is yet to be – not to be found,
The present moment is caught in the middle; 

We look back we regret,
We look forward we fear,
We look on we wonder; 

Do we not realise that the now will next become the past, 
And the future will become the present a moment too fast? 

Yesterday should be left in the full stops of the sentences written,
Tomorrow should be kept in the space where ink has yet to meet paper,
Today is where the ink flows and the words piece together;

There is chaos amidst the chaos.