There There

I walk down the same old bookstore aisle and turn that same little corner,
Expecting to see you sitting in front of that shelf searching for a play there;

I buy my cup of tea at the cafe and take an empty seat somewhere,
Feeling somehow you’ll be at the regular table – you always do your work there;

I pick up a book and flip through a couple of pages,
Sensing you’ll just spoil the rest of the story for me (just cos you’ve read it) there;

I walk past our regular coffee joint and look at the pretty pastries and comfortable chairs,
Remembering the barely edible things you used to bake and the cakes we used to eat there;

I reach for my phone and squint at the notifications,
Knowing somewhere that your name would show up with a few silly hearts right there;

But you’re not there anymore, 
Maybe you never were there for me before.

– blame it on / credits to kino, and the melancholic music they play (23 Feb 2014)