Lessons We Learn 

It is unavoidable in life to go through tough moments and rough patches; it forms the downs in life to contrast with the ups which we enjoy and are thankful for. 

There always are lessons to learn in life, and many of them necessary and mandatory for us to become better individuals in this world. We encounter challenges and through them we know more of ourselves and learn more about what life is about. Hard as the lessons of life may be, they remain crucial in our progress as humans and as souls. The soul is perfect, but it’s perfection has to be discovered amidst our humanly imperfections and shortfalls.

As they would often quote, “life is an endless journey of learning and discovery”. This journey however, does not stop merely at one lifetime. For the lifetimes that have been and are to come, our soul is slowly unrevelling it’s perfection to us, and its place as part of the universe is slowly being discovered and liberated by the things we learn throughout our different lifetimes in the world. The hardship of one life may be a preparation for the luxury and indulgence of another, to provide in possibly equal proportions of both so that we hold strong to what we are amidst both mortal experiences. 

In this journey we must learn as much as we can, and strive to always retain clarity regardless of what circumstances there may be. Embrace the challenges, enjoy the successes, for they all form part of an experience that would lead us ultimately to realising the full potential of our soul and the universe. 

Do / Can You ?

(5 min challenge let’s go)

An encouragement note signed off ‘all the best and good luck’
Sounds like something nice to have on a Prelude to A Major (exam)
Where indeed it will lift spirits and keep the positivity level high
And bring about revived hopes and ambition if before it did hibernate;

The ball is in your court waiting for you to take a clear shot:
The space between the net and the baseline is sufficient for a good return so
Prepare your forehand (or back if you prefer) and let the two connect,
Without fear you swing your arm in a circular fashion and watch the ball arrive;

Do you see the ball fly and the notes soar?
Can you hear the crowd cheer and the melody sing?

An Inch Closer

(5 min challenge let’s go)

The wonders of scoring a goal or winning a point is an experience like no other,
Putting the ball into the back of the net
Or seeing the opponent fail to return the ball
Is something that thrills the very soul and excites the very mind,
Where in so doing we feel
A sense of overwhelming achievement success and confidence;

That is the very same feeling of being on top of the world:
In triumphing over the once seemingly impossible task
Of winning the game or taking the match point,
We alleviate all our worries and lay to rest all our doubts about our own abilities,
And we feel joys above the pains and hardship suffered
In the process leading up to the victory;

A goal or a point can be anything that you set out to do or be:
An academic challenge of (inter)national exams maybe,
Or making that first million and buying that hello Porsche possibly,
Or perhaps winning that medal in the sport which your heart burns passionately for;

You set your eyes on the medal and let the efforts take you through,
Where when the muscles fail the mind takes over,
And ceaselessly towards the podium you work as though that is what life is for,
Taking steps towards the stage by which you will in time show the world your talents;

Constantly remind yourself:
I am a step closer towards my goals,
And all will come to fruition with the whirligig of time;

Well I scored a simple point today,
And I know I am an inch closer to match point.

Kind Words

When people fall or fail,
We offer kind words to them,
Words of encouragement and comfort,
With the hope of cheering them up,
Wishing we can make them feel better,
Trying to partake in their sorrows with them;  

When people soar or succeed,
We (again) offer kind words to them,
Words of congratulations and felicitation,
With (again) the hope of cheering them on,
Wishing (again) we can add to their happiness,
Trying (again) to share in their joys with them; 

Is it to conjure ourselves to try harder,
Or is it to enable the others to feel better? 

The Individual

Light drizzle, cool night

“It is eventually all about the individual.”

The above line is commonly heard and said by people in regards to a person’s success or downfall, citing the fact that it  is ultimately the strength and choice of the individual / self that is the main causal factor of the outcome. The statement is quite subjective and incident-based and it is not applicable to some people and cases, since nothing really is in reality. Of course, in success stories such as the late, great Steve Jobs or the whizz-of-our-time Bill Gates, it clearly was and has always been about the individual.. with a decent inclusion of luck plus opportunity and affinity, definitely.

If we pay close attention to how success happens for some people and not anyone else, we would realize that many a time success and permanent failure borders on the individual and the way his mind works. The individual has the choice to decide whether he is willing to fulfill his desire at all cost or not, and also the choice of whether he is willing to push the limit of the strength of his character or not. If the answer to both is a resounding YES, then success is an equally loud GIVEN as well.

A feeble character will not be able to sustain and survive the entire arduous route to success, just like how a fickle mind is not able to stay on track and not walk astray from the journey to the same location. As such, a strong and determined individual must control his mind and strive beyond the supposed strength and grid of his character to reach the pinnacle that is known as success.

Without doubt, obstacles such as distractions, momentary failures and emotional or physical weariness will stand in the way as we endeavor to scale the heights towards our final objective or goal. It has not and will never be an easy mission. Just ask those on their way, and those that have reached.. you might get answers that will either motivate you or put you off; but whatever the answer is, ‘easy’ will not be included or featured.

Have you what it takes to reach the peak in time to catch the sunrise?

Looking On, Wishing On

cool, breezy evening

The eyes are probably the most important things to a person, for it is the window of the soul and organ of sight. Unless you have powers of the extraordinaire, everything that you see is only possible through those two lovely, delicate and wonderful eye balls that you so dearly possess as a being. Let’s fast track a little bit..

Some people look on at other people living their lives and either forget or neglect to live their own; another list of people look on at other people living their lives and imagine how good it is to live a life as observed. Of course, there is another group that look on at other people’s lives and attempt to live a life like that. Finally.. there is the best lot that look on, smile, and focus on constructing their life to how they want it to be.

The trendsetters and successful people all belong to the last set because they are clear as to how they want their life to be and how they want to go about achieving that. They spend their time working on their own life rather than looking at other people and how they live their lives, and this is a crucial factor on the course to success and happiness. In fact (i just realized it..), happy people are of that kind as well, because they don’t get jealous or envious but are instead contented with how their life is going or working out!

Let’s face it: the only life that we ever will have is the life that we are living now; we are not playing a computer or electronic game (think Pokemon, Second Life, The Sims etc) where we get to choose which person’s life to take over or which character to select to play as. Everything that we want has to be built with our own hands and with our own life, because you simply can’t swap lives with other people and you can’t control how life turns out or which life you want.

If you have a dream, chase it. If you have a wish, work on it. If you have a vision, turn it into reality. That is what life is all about: knowing what you want and going about to achieve it.

The question is.. what’s next after looking on?