People get paranoid when you’re too nice
People get suspicious when you’re not so,

People get upset when you’re somewhere
People get annoyed when you’re nowhere,

If you feel you should care less about people,
They will start thinking you’re careless in doing so.


As you’ve seen, I’ve decided to switch from “poetry”-styled posts to prose-styled posts to facilitate easier discussions of certain topics that require lengthy sentences and descriptions. I used to aspire to write only in “poetry” form on this platform, but it has gotten unsustainable lately, hence the switch over. (I will however still post one of those short ones every now and then just to make sure I stay true to my roots and that I don’t lose touch. Haha.)

The topic for tonight seems to be a heavy one (or light one, depending on how it goes and if you’re a light or heavy sleeper, haha) again, and yes it is about Dreams. I don’t mean the literal first definition of thoughts or sensations experienced in the mind during sleep; I mean the aspirations and goals we all have in life that we hope to achieve (whether they are within reach or not, is another thing). Contrary to popular belief, dreams are not for the young; dreams are for everyone bold enough to have the desire to want to achieve what they think will give themselves (and sometimes others) immense joy.

I think the one very important activity that pre-school and primary school teachers conduct is the sharing of children’s ambition(s) and dream(s). I think it is crucial that the child and the adults around him identify what the child sees as important to his life, and what he seeks to achieve in time to come. The first step towards realising any dream is to be able to know what the dream is, ideally exactly what it is, but if not a rough idea is at most times is good enough. It is also a good idea to write it down for future reference. Here’s why.

When we get caught up in the tiredness of everyday life and we lose focus and grip on our goals and objectives, we can take out that sketchy little paper from under piles of other things to remind ourselves what we used to aspire towards in our younger and more innocent days. A dream coming from a phase in life where we think all things possible, before society even started telling us otherwise.. I think that’s a valuable thing to hold onto when we face obstructions and obstacles later on in life. We need to be reminded of how simple things can be, beneath all the layers of what life or society heap upon us (and our dreams).

If you have a kite flying in the distance or a rainbow in the sky, do not be afraid to reach out for it. I’m not going to tell you about the practical concerns of life and how sometimes our dreams are not meant for realising in the face of everyday life; that we can leave to your naysayers who think otherwise. I’m just going to tell you to go for it. Just try, because you will never know how far you can go until you do. The rest, we leave to grit and how far life will allow you to go.

Have a good night, and let’s wake up tomorrow with a greater sense of purpose and a stronger will to achieve those dreams that lie waiting for us in the horizons.

A Dedication (Three Minutes’ Work)

Here’s a post I dedicate to all who are
Left out or misunderstood in a complicated world
Where simplicity becomes the bane
In the workings of complexities and anxiety;

Don’t feel so bad if whatever you do and all that you do
Seems wrong or insufficient in the eyes of others
Merely because it does not align with the way they work
Or the way they think things should work;

Many a misplaced grievance is caused
By the misjudged expectations of others;

Run away and be free.


I say:

To love the lie but not the liar is to
Love the poem but not the poet;

To stand behind bars camouflaged green and black is to
Believe in false notions of bravado and power;

To allow others to shape you and change you is to
Take an original and turn it into nothing more than an impression;

To play always only by the rules and restrictions is to
Live and breathe a life just so that you can suffer and die;

To pursue a degree or certificate and not an education is to
Go onto the field everyday and not touch a ball a single time;

To eat and not taste the food is to
Touch a flower and not smell them;

What I don’t say:

You surely will die,
But are you actually alive?


(The weekends are good for blogging, so here’s one for the day. I don’t think there’s a structure to this one, but make what you will of it yeah? If you have a good analysis or thought about it, do share it with me. Cheers for the weekends!)

Misconstrued intentions
Mistaken notions
Misinterpreted actions
Misdirected goodwill

Just as how beautiful minds cannot thrive in a filthy world
And innocent thoughts cannot filter through a corrupt space

Some people are not meant to fit well into this place.

You Know Not Yet

(This is in response to some of the things I’ve been seeing recently, things which I don’t feel too easy about. I think people should stop being so judgemental and just, live and let live.)

Holier than thou – that’s what you guys think you are
While you go around passing judgements on people
As well as gossip and spread all kinds of rumours
Based falsely upon your feeble personal opinions;

You speak of individuals with unkind words and speech
Choosing to pick out and magnify all the flaws in them
Seeking to create bad impressions and reputations
For nothing but to satisfy your uncompassionate natures;

Is it not prudent to keep silent when there is nothing good to be spoken?
Is it not unwise to pick out the speck in others with a beam in yours?
Are not those who judge here merely seeking to be judged there?

As if your opinions were even remotely right to begin with:
What gives you the right to be superior to the next so as to criticize?

You know not yet the stories of those whom you’ve spoken against:
You know not yet the power that they wield.

The Game

There’s a game that we all play
Whether we’re old or young or fat or slim
A game which (ironically) we rarely see children playing
A game more often played the more we grow up;

We think that games are for kids
And we associate games with childhood and innocence
Where kids do it for the joy and happiness
Where laughter and fun fill the air;

There’s this game that kids do not much play
For both the reason of not knowing how to
As well as for the reason of not being willing to:

This isn’t a game for the innocent and pure;

True enough:
There are classic elements of avoidance and outmanoeuvring
Where one tries to get the better of the other with smart moves
Not much different from children’s games of snake&ladder or scrabble;

This game however extents beyond the boundaries of win or lose
Where the consequences are far more severe and
The intentions behind every move and every strategy
Can be dark and filled with malicious intent;

It is no doubt the game of blame – The Blame Game:
A game that children do not play because they are
Too innocent to understand the rules of the game and
Too pure to even comprehend why blames need to be shifted;

Kids own up and apologize when things go wrong,
We grow up and through the years learn to do otherwise;

I wish games were left only to be played by the young and pure at heart.