All Those Years Ago

(I’m back with the romanticization of military life, and here is a tale of two sergeants. I added a little twist to the story just for the thrill of it and I think the form of this one gives it both a soothing yet incomplete edge, which is a bonus feature to reflect the ironic nature of the tale itself. It is short and abrupt, which creates a stinging impression. Hope you enjoy it, and I shall be back for more exciting tales soon!)

He asked if you’ve loved someone deep to the depth of the ocean before,
You said yes you have and that you’ve never loved anyone more;

You said to him that you are looking at him now and you smile carelessly,
He leaned in and gave you a kiss on the cheek and fell asleep with a warmth in his heart;

What he knew not was:

You saw but a pale reflection in him of his best friend,
The one true love of your life which was the only love which you lost

All those years ago.