(I’m back with the romanticization of military life series! This round it’ll be a short post because the experience was pretty bad with wet socks, soaked uniform and shooting without a scope; more posts to com when there is admin time again.)

It was one of the worst downpours I’ve seen,
Definitely one of the most drenched I’ve been;

I was firing rounds in the heavy rain,
Watching my shots penetrate figures twelve and fifteen

Thinking of the shots you took at me
Which penetrated my heart and every inch of me
As though
There are target boards on me everywhere;

My shots were off today but yours were all on target:
Oh what a shooter you are.

(I know the form of this scribble is pretty weird, but it is intended to reflect the confusion, agitation and pressure of the moment where the thought process is staggered, much like how a person chokes on tears. Shots in this post are both literal and metaphorical.)


My Valentine

I didn’t do much on Valentine’s except that

I held her around my arms all day and all night,
Felt her firm butt against my body and palms,
Traced my fingers along the curves of her slender body and realized
She is just so perfect yet sensitive to the touch;

I stripped her twice over and got a clear view of
What’s within and underneath all that complexities and raggedness;

While sometimes she gets behind me there are other times when
I hold her tight in front of me (and wishing never to let go);

She opens my eyes to the skies and I love the fact that
She is always well lubricated and shoots fast and hard;

Meet SAR21 – S285:
My Rifle and My Valentine.

(I am trying to romanticize military life and I think I just failed pretty miserable; hope future attempts would be better! I actually am starting to like my rifle haha)

Awaiting A Knock?

(Inspired by a conversation)

I see you turn the keys to the lock and open the front door
To a house without the lights on and without anyone home:

You’re probably spending the night alone again where you will
Make a cup of instant noodles and take a warm shower
After which you will switch the television on and watch a rom-com
Until you fall asleep and be greeted by daylight the next morning;

You switch the lights on and turn back
To bid me a good night and a good bye most candid;

I wave a goodbye to you and wish you a good night ahead
While keeping my eyes on yours to catch you just for a moment longer;

I was hoping you would ask me to stay just a little longer
Even if only for a cup of coffee or tea or a little chatter,
But you take one last look at me with those dazzling eyes before you
Close the front door and disappear into that empty apartment of yours;

Do you shoot every guy a look so mesmerising
Or is it a hint that perhaps there is something more?

Is your heart locked like your front door,
Or are they both awaiting a knock?