Life Is As Such

Why do we always find the things
We’ve stopped looking for long ago?

Why do we never find the things
We think that we need long ago?

Why do we find the things
We either stopped wanting
Or never knew we needed?

Life is as such
Such is as life.


For You, Who Walked Across (Away)

You just can’t look
At a girl you’ve kissed
Straight in the eyes
Without feeling something;

Maybe we like drama so much
That we conjure things up
To feel a little more and
Love just a little more;

Maybe it’s the girl
Or maybe it’s the kiss

But likely it’s just you
Filling(feeling) your boredom.

And you are probably me.


Not Dreaming Anymore

Sometimes fantasy conflates
With reality
Through dreams

You have her in your arms
Then you open your eyes
And she’s gone

She was there waiting
For you to come with the car
But when you’re there she’s not anymore

When you next see her
She’s in someone else’s arms
Waiting for someone else’s car

All that’s left to twirl
Is your notion of reality
And not her tender curls

All because you are
Not dreaming anymore.


The Search Is On

Come let me write for you
As I watch a Pro Bono lecture
Take place right up front
While I sit right behind;

Many heads and ponytails
Many faces and spectacles
Many sleeping and many typing
All in the law fac auditorium;

Yet I don’t see you
Not your head nor ponytail
Not you sleeping nor typing
Where in the lac fac auditorium are you?

I wrote searching for you.