Three Things

Resilience, Resistance, Retaliation:

Squeeze a ball hard
It withstands the force
Pushes against the force
Tries to overcome the force;

There is resilience in resistance
And resistance in retaliation
Evidently too retaliation
Is a good show of resilience;

They blend and melt into each other
With little distinction between them
For one reinforces the other
To forge a spirit stronger than before;

When life squeezes you
You withstand the onslaught
Push against the pain
Try to overcome the adversity;

There is love in faith
And faith in hope
Certainly too hope
Is a good virtue of love;

With all that is said and done
Words are never really enough:

Life and the human spirit are
That much more than you think.


Excerpts [Part 1]

This post is made up of sentences and excerpts from a blog that I know pretty well;  thought it’d be a good idea to share some of the decent lines here. I’m probably splitting it up into a few parts because there are too many of them.

“A commonly visited leisure spot once upon a time has turned into a deserted playground of broken swings.”

“I’ll wait, til the day is mine.”

“There are days when you feel punched out, and today’s one of them.”

“It’s not a monologue.. it’s just a dialogue without response.”

“Behind every cynical person is a sad story unbeknownst to others.”

“Crack lines; try as you might to fix them, they’ll always be there somewhere.”

“The moment before I fall asleep is the happiest moment of the day; it is as though dreams have merged with reality. I feel alive and awake, but live a dream and a fantasy.”

“Accept and like a person not for what he is, but for who he is.”

“It’s like… after a person has made a wrong choice, you should let him choose again so that he is more clear about what he wants and will this time, make the right decision and appreciate the right decision so much more and never allow himself to decide or choose wrongly again.”

“There’s a reason why you should run after the bus, and not be lazy and convince yourself you won’t be able to catch it.”

“50% here and 50% there will not get you 100% anywhere.”

“… My fantasy is your reality.”



We Think Things Important

Just a few more thoughts before we head into Christmas and end the year shortly afterwards. 

It’s true: we think material things are important. Some of us make it our main pursuit in life to make as much money as we possibly can so that we can afford the best cars and the finest foods. No doubt, the importance of money cannot be more strongly iterated and it is right to think that having things that we like is important. 

To have a decent car, a lovely house and to indulge in some of the things we like is central to our survival and wellness. We gain financial freedom and ease any frustrations or worry when we have more than enough to get through our daily life; in fact we gain and spread happiness by buying the things we want and sharing what we have with others. One who discounts the significance of money certainly must not have thought things through. 

There however comes a point where life is considerably comfortable and basic necessities are met. Anything that comes after that counts as luxury and in some ways, probably excess that we have for rainy days or to give to others. That is the point where we start to place less importance on money making and material possessions, and start shifting our focus elsewhere. 

I’ll use some examples to illustrate some thoughts. Say we have a Jaguar, a prime example of an English luxury car. It gets us around in good comfort, and we probably feel satisfied owning one. We may have spent years of our lives slogging to gain ownership of it, to work for the bucks to eventually buy the car and drive it home. 

On the other hand, we have people around us and moments to live through. To earn the amount tagged to the ownership of the car, we neglect our families, friends and we forget to live and cherish the key moments in our lives. People step out of our lives without us knowing, peaks and glorious sceneries are passed without even a cursory glance.. How does that come up against that luxury piece of machinery we previously placed so much importance on? 

An Aston Martin can be built and bought again. Your friend might not be there anymore when you decide to call him after an absent window of years. A penthouse can be raised and purchased again. The missed laughters heard in the hall of years gone by may not be audible again even if you strain to hear them. Material affairs can be reconstructed and made again, but try to recreate a moment in time or to bring someone back to life.. Not possible. 

What are the important things in life again? 

Drive that Mercedes.. Take your family out for a meal, drive out to the sea with your best friend, and remember to always be grateful for who we are and what we have in life. 


I don’t remember having a New Year Resolution list for 2015, and checking back on my year diary and blog does prove that. I know that for many past years I’ve had resolution lists but I distinctly remember ending last year without any thoughts or preparation for the next one, and I never got round to making a list in January because too many things were happening and I probably was happy enough not to make plans for the year back then.

There’s nothing now for me to check on my progress for the year, so I’ll have to use my current mindset and state of emotions to gauge if I’ve gotten things right (or wrong, possibly). Hope my memory has enough of 2015 for me to do up a wrap up of the past twelve months. Ha ha. Here goes.

I think the past dozen months have been filled with plenty of lessons for me; I don’t think I’ve learnt as much in any single one of my past years as this one. Certain flaws of mine were made very clear to me, it swung at me in certain months of the year and yes.. it did hit me in the face pretty hard a couple of times. Many shortfalls were made known to me by incidents and upon personal reflection, and they did leave me pondering how I can work on these weak links and shape myself up. I’m still thinking about many of these points, and I hope to improve on them soon.

In very much a similar fashion, some perennial principles and truths about life were also slightly sighted on some of the fair-weather and stormy days. I developed the idea that some ways of the universe will always remain true and unchanging, even if the people, situation or times change. They are what anchors the course of things and life itself.

I started the year very strong, in the sense that I was very happy and had many things to look forward to. I was doing an internship with one of the ministries, I had results to look forward to, as well as scholarships and university placings to apply for. My friends were nice circles in my life, my parents were agreeable with most of the things I was doing, and I had a rough direction as to how I want things to be.

I think I’m ending the year pretty decent as well, in the way that I have realised and am beginning to understand certain things, and there are even more things to look forward to as I close the year and look at the next one ahead. I am starting to know why we should pursue our dreams, and what are some of the important things in life that we should strive to achieve and hold on to. Certain friendships and newfound ones require more attention (and gladly so), and there are many more people out there that I am looking forward to meet and befriend. I’m not sure if I’m doing things right, but I shall find out in time.

2015 sure seems like a good rough year that paves the way for glorious times ahead, don’t you think? As for 2016.. We shall see if there’s a need for a resolution.



Merry Christmas

(A short one before bed sounds like a good idea?)

It’s the night of Boxing Day and for many of us
The party is quieting down and the guests are leaving:
Making their sleepy way home after a fun Christmas Eve and Day
While we put the wine glasses away and remove the stained table cloth;

The merry-making will go on for the Christmastide through to the New Year
To cap off a year of ups and downs and highs and lows
A year that is very much like many others before for many of us now
Yet perhaps for some of us it has been a different year – maybe one that is special;

The year has come to a close:
What has come to pass has passed before our eyes in the days gone
While what is to come lies ahead before us in the days that are to come
Almost like a window of transition between the past and future – yesterday and tomorrow;

A good time to think of what has been done in the year behind,
A good time too to think of what is to be done in the year ahead;

While all that thinking is in progress:
Do remember to pour yourself a glass of wine and have yourself some fruit cake
To keep in mind that it is still the joyous season of Christmas
Where the cheers will continue and the spirit of gratitude and merriment will go on;

Merry Christmas.

Story of Remembrance

Tonight I take a little walk
Down memory lane with my soles
To little hideouts hardly explored and alleys
Hardly ever visited even though just around the corner;

I take them down to the age old dinosaur park
Which Rosa calls by it’s official name Fu Shan Garden
But to us kids who grew up around that area we know
That the dinosaurs in the garden come alive when the adults look away;

I see people sitting on benches sharing a drink
Exchanging little secrets in the shade and just talking
About the day and of days that are to come
Smiling as they wind down in the cool evening breeze;

With every step I take I feel them wearing down:
My soles are getting worn out and jaded by
The countless hours of walking and running
That they appear almost to be losing their grip and bearing;

I take a little slip and lose my balance for a moment:
Not enough to fall but just enough for me to realize
That it is about time that I stop relying on these old soles of mine
And take a step forward to move on to other things out there;

The soles and soul need a renewal every now and then
But it doesn’t mean we forget the things we had
Which brought us so far and gave us so much
To see us to where we stand proudly today;

This is the story of remembrance.