When you find yourself as
The jockey in a race
Lagging behind the others

What you do is either to
Change race
Train more
Get a new horse

Or do all of the above.

In Front // Behind

To run behind others
To run in front of others
Both are tough
Here’s why:

Behind means a push to overtake
In front means a push to stay ahead
Both are painful except
You look in different directions;

Perhaps what is best

Is to find your own pace
And run your own race.

(Another) Race

(5 minute challenge after lunch, let’s race)

Talking to you about junior college and other related things like
Scholarships and subject combinations makes me feel
A little older than what I consider an age suited for
Fun moments and happy times of simply decisions and easy choices;

I see so much promise in you and what lies ahead
That I do somehow wonder if anyone saw that in me years back
When I stepped into college ready to sprint all the way
With eyes on the finishing line and mind on the dazzling prize;

I know you’ll go far – not because I think you would
And not so much even that I feel you could
But more of knowing that you should
After seeing you push the final stretch after the last hurdle;

My race is about over – the finishing line is within a step or two,
And yours is about to begin – the starting blocks are in place and the marshall ready
To fire his gun to mark the start of your race
One which you can only surpass all expectations and soar beyond;

Those with spikes – let them run the good race,
And may the winds be ever in your favour.

Taking The Home Stretch

(5 minute challenge let’s go)


It is in faith the very same distance,
But there are a thousand different ways to cover these metres,
And everyone does it in a different way and a different style,
At paces that vary from position to position and time to time;

It still is the same distance really,
Yet from the first stride we can see promise in some
While others are dismissed as not anywhere near winners,
That is if they get to cover the full distance at all;

It is a distance we all know for ourselves:
A bend then a straight and another bend then another straight,
It looks simple and feels little more than just covering the distance,
But beware the trophy and the medal and the audience that watches;

It is really four hundred metres without a metre more or less,
Where you are tested for speed and for endurance both
Of the body and mind to cross the finishing line and blaze the trail,
To come out above the distance and emerge at the close;

Now tell me:

Would you take the first bend slow,
Or would you take the home stretch bold?


(It is possible to capture life in a race, because life in essence is a race against time to complete and achieve as many things as possible in the shortest possible time, of which contentment and happiness counts for a large part of it.)