Hateful, vengeful, spiteful;

Leave what is mine alone,
Let things be as status quo;

Don’t tarnish what belongs to me,
Shun away from tainting it;

What is mine has to remain pure
Without stain or corruption at all;

The past is a filthy place,
The present a risky phase;

Is anything even mine anymore?

Spoilt Clock

A spoilt clock
For one moment in a day
Can still tell the time
Correct to second minute and hour;

A spoilt clock
For one part of its life
Could tell the time
Of bygone days months and years;

A spoilt clock
For the rest of its day
Will only serve to remind
Of memories of times gone by.

To The Sky

When nostalgia hits
It hits hard
Like the beat of an old song
Or the etch of an old dance;

You look back and smile
Wondering where the moments have gone
Where the people are now
And if all that is left are only memories;

Yet you smile again after
Knowing the present is good
That without all that is before
There wouldn’t be a now and an after;

What has past is best where they are
Unwritten smiles
Untouched faces
Untainted memories;

A faint remembrance

is enough.

Scumbag Chauffeur

Twelve thirteen eighteen
Twenty sixteen twenty-six:
They say age is a number
(But in this I don’t think so?)

Eight years apart
You doubled the age gap
From five to ten
(Who’s the one without sense?)

What about them
Young school girls
Do you like
(Looking for some lost innocence there?)

You irked me once back then
Now you just grossed me out again
(Is this about me, you or who?)

Leave them alone won’t you?

The wise men say
What goes around comes around
(So you better watch out!)

Merry Christmas

(A short one before bed sounds like a good idea?)

It’s the night of Boxing Day and for many of us
The party is quieting down and the guests are leaving:
Making their sleepy way home after a fun Christmas Eve and Day
While we put the wine glasses away and remove the stained table cloth;

The merry-making will go on for the Christmastide through to the New Year
To cap off a year of ups and downs and highs and lows
A year that is very much like many others before for many of us now
Yet perhaps for some of us it has been a different year – maybe one that is special;

The year has come to a close:
What has come to pass has passed before our eyes in the days gone
While what is to come lies ahead before us in the days that are to come
Almost like a window of transition between the past and future – yesterday and tomorrow;

A good time to think of what has been done in the year behind,
A good time too to think of what is to be done in the year ahead;

While all that thinking is in progress:
Do remember to pour yourself a glass of wine and have yourself some fruit cake
To keep in mind that it is still the joyous season of Christmas
Where the cheers will continue and the spirit of gratitude and merriment will go on;

Merry Christmas.

Carpe Diem / Resolution Resolved

it’s the time of the year again
To look at the resolution lists we’ve made yesteryear
So that with the last month of December we can
Attempt to tick off the boxes left and fulfil the wishes made;

In the list we undoubtedly will see
The hopes and aspirations we had with us at the beginning
Where as we journey down the list (and year) and look at where we are now
Can we say we’ve achieved what we’ve set out to reach?

Be it eight or eighteen or even eighty bulleted points we have,
We know at the beginning what we would have liked
To make out of a new year and a new experience
Even if the year’s routine looks pretty much the same (or different);

What we aimed to but did not do for the whole year round
Let us attempt to reach for that star in the month of December
So that we can close the year knowing that we’ve tried
Such that in our hearts we can check that box (as having tried);

Of course we can always push it over to the next year:
Let the same goal appear on the resolution list again
Where in the next year we will seek to achieve
What we could not do so in the past twelve months;

Except that what we need to remember is,
Better yet done this year than next because
If year after year it simply does not get done then
Perhaps eventually we will drop it and never will get it done;

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

Used To

I never could understand what you used to tell me,
About what you used to think and what you used to feel,
Simply because I never considered things from your point of view,
Or your feelings about certain things and certain times;

I am starting to do so right this moment –
But I’m afraid it is a little too late for all these now,
Where it’s all said and done and what’s left
Are little shredded pieces of memories and times past;

I don’t know – maybe some things cannot be recovered,
Where time is like a land which never can be reclaimed,
Something lost to the echoes of the walls in the room
Like the memories that play in the recesses of your mind;

You’ll never know when the future stops and the past replays,
Or where the present lies in the labyrinth of space and time,
And so I suppose all that you can do is
To attempt to pick up the pieces and put together a broken picture;

It used to be perfect.