It Is About Time

It is about time:
Put down the shield
Tear down the facade
Let go of the excuse;

It is easy to
Say you’ve tried
Claim one thing over another
Put up a false front;

You may say you’re good enough
Do you actually think so though?

Why not be
Rather than say?

Why not act
Rather than claim?

To make change and be:
It is about time.

Together (Apart by Text)

You make me feel a certain way I haven’t felt in a long time,

The way my lips sing a song of love and whisper a poetic rhyme, 

It is as though a lovely rhythm has entered my life when you texted my way, 

And everything is made beautiful by a love that I know will be mine one day;

Tell me you love me

For together we shall be. 

Have You Ever

Have you ever sensed this tremendous potential inside you?

Have you ever experienced the power you have within you that you know is capable of anything?

Have you ever felt restricted and suppressed, like something impatiently waiting to burst onto the scene?

Have you ever wondered what’s stopping you then?

If you can channel that which is within you without, there is nothing in this world you cannot possess or achieve.