The Being of Anatomy

False happiness is standing at the top of the building amongst the clouds in your coffee
til your heart floats sweet like the sugar remnants at the bottom of the building.

Emotional emptiness is a space
that physical intimacy, no matter how frequent or close, simply cannot feel.

I can no longer tel the difference between the ground that I step on and the contracts that I sign off on: both are solid but they remain void of meaning and virtue. The rich gets richer and the poor, poorer.

I have folded shapes of crescent and full only to arrive at a poor imitation of you:
Shinji Moon.



Clean Ugly Affairs

For pages and pages of
Lust and fuss over love
Filled with rain and pain;

Does the world need to know
In so many ways that the rain
Brings with it a certain wetness
When two people lie in bed?

It is easy to entice people
To flip the pages when
What you write about are
Spreading legs and fapping sheets.


An Exercise In Structural Disintegration

Such flawless skin:
Few women can inspire
The flow of my pen
In the way that you do;

I can trace out
The contours of your collarbone
As I feel my hand down your neck
Towards the side of your arm;

I am reminded of Everest:
The fairness of your skin resembles
The beauty of the snow caps
Basking in the warm radiance of the sun;

I feel a rush in me as I
Desire to reach
The peaks of excitement
With you and only you;

I feel my pen disintegrating
My stanzas not making sense
As my heart pounds harder and harder
Just looking at you
Sitting there alone touching
The back of your hair

And at the moment
Oh I wish that hand touching you
Was me!
Oh thy glorious skin!

As I struggle to catch my breath

In you: my universe is found.