Minute Hours

The clock strikes twelve:

The minute hand goes back and forth
Undecided on the twelfth hour
Whether to be five minutes early
Or five minutes late;

The hour hand looks on
Almost in disgust at how
The minute hand oscilates
As though in two minds;

Between the hour and minute hands
They can’t decide who moves on
Or who calls the shots
In affairs of moment and time;

Little wonder when it comes
To the brain and the heart!

A Simple SG-Styled Poem

The lights on the dashboard were flickering
As I felt the strange way my heart flutter:

I have never felt my heart swoon so much before
Almost a state of ecstacy that comes from just
Touching the contours of your lower back and
Feeling your heavy breathing on my collar bone;

At that moment I wasn’t sure
How your soft touch made me grow
Both in ego and down below;

It is just like how I wasn’t sure if I want you as

My innocent angel sitting in the front seat
My kinky little devil riding in the back.

Virtue And Vice

Oh foul and vile fantasies
Stop thy whispering tongue!

Thou shall not commit
Blasphemy against the good
Corruption against the pure
Defilement against the soul;

Away with thy pleasure and pain
That which gives rise to vice
Speakst not in the same tongue
As that which encourages virtue;

Be done when the moon comes up
Be gone when the sun rises east
Show not thy face to the world
Better yet exist not at all!


Get your long boat at bay
Let it gently float away
You may find it another day
Perhaps just not today;

Give it a slight tuck
That’ll give it some luck
If it makes it out good
Maybe it’ll fix your mood;

If you know not where it goes
Neither will I come close
Maybe if you look hard and far
It may appear just under the bar;

So there is a rhyme to this
Yet the content is no jizz
Even if it works a meter or two
Is it still not up for the rue?

This is so bad
It makes me sad
Alone in a room
Nothing to loom;

I’m clearly not in control
I can only watch it unfold
So why not watch the show
Catch the waves in high and low?

Press play
Set up a relay
Motion in reverse
Make the scene perverse;

The End.