Epitome of Basic

I love the smell of cigarettes on you
When you walk into the room;

Or maybe I love the smell of you
On cigarettes whenever I take a puff;

Maybe I love smoking
Or maybe I love you.

This is so basic.


3 Tables Away

When you’re dating the law school queen:
It sure feels good to be you;

Actually not really,
I’d still rather be me;

Feels better to be me
Watching you date the law school queen;

No royal legal drama for me:
Just passive spectatorship.

The Search Is On

Come let me write for you
As I watch a Pro Bono lecture
Take place right up front
While I sit right behind;

Many heads and ponytails
Many faces and spectacles
Many sleeping and many typing
All in the law fac auditorium;

Yet I don’t see you
Not your head nor ponytail
Not you sleeping nor typing
Where in the lac fac auditorium are you?

I wrote searching for you.