We All Need …….. To Lean On 

pa quick one as always, my window to write is again short. As you can see from the title, I deliberately left the middle portion blank for you to fill it in. See, we’re all dependent somehow, and that is what makes us human. We are not robots or machines,  so that means we have emotions and the capacity to think. We are capable of feeling a whole spectrum of emotions, be they sadness, happiness, or even loneliness (I know ‘lonely’ is as much a state as it is an emotion, so no disputes on this one now haha).

When a bout of sadness strikes us, or attempts to strike us, we try our best to rationalise it away. Our first line of defence against emotions dragging us down is our mind, and boy is it a potent tool. We can talk ourselves out of a bad day, an argument with our loved ones, or even pain that we feel. Our ability to think and rationalise is able to rationally defeat the surge in emotions, and keep them under control when necessary. There will be a group of people who would argue otherwise, but by and large this is true. Our minds are our greatest weapons.

If we however do not have enough willpower to do so, we seek to do so in more physical methods. We can exercise or eat ice-cream to trigger the release of endorphins to make us feel better, or reach for a hug for a similar effect. Such actions act as catalysts for chemical effects to occur within our body that would have a positive effect on our emotional swing or dip in spirits. 

On another front, this idea of delayed gratification (or expectations of later happiness) can work as well. When the projects get tough or the customers queueing up to give you their orders get ridiculously long, we can think of a later time in the short or long run where we would be happy / removed from the current chore or unhappiness we’re faced with. It could be a call / video call (I just discovered FaceTime, I’m a total technology fossil. I digress) with your other half at the end of a long day, or the thought that you’d be heading to law school or a better vocation next year. This distracts us from our difficulty, and the thought itself usually is enough to bring at least a smile to our faces. Besides, how you end the day makes a great difference as to how you evaluate the whole day; you tend to think the struggles are worth it or you might even disregard the rough patches in the day simply because you ended the day on a high note. I can’t stress enough how important it is to go to bed with a smile or a sense of happiness and gratitude. This changes the whole tone of the day, and perhaps what you can remember from the day might just only be the warm feeling you had before dozing off. It is that magical. 

What I want to say is, we all need someone or something to lean on. It could be our mental fortitude, our comfort food, our families, our sense of gratitude, or anything you think you can hold onto. Many people working in foreign lands far from home use the image of a happier time with their families in future as their pillar of strength and support, and you’ll be surprise at how much this empowers the human spirit to achieve feats many think impossible. 

My friend, I suggest we all find something we can hold on to for certainty, so that with all struggles and sadness.. There is something to keep us going in the day and something to keep the smile on our faces on as we doze off to sleep at night.

Moral Courage

Before I proceed with today’s post, I would like to take a moment and do a little advertising for the WordPress App that is available on the Apple App Store. It’s neat, easy to use, and makes blogging and posting a very simple process. Definitely something to get if you’re keen on reading WordPress articles or writing a post on the move. 

To begin proper, I would like to just briefly talk about Moral Courage. I don’t have a very long window to write today, so I’ll keep it short and simple.

All of us (sort of) know what moral courage is; it is simply understood as having the courage to do what is right, in the face of inconvenience or possible consequences and repercussions. It takes moral courage to speak the truth, and it takes moral courage to ensure that justice is preserved against tyranny. 

How do we apply moral courage to our daily lives? We can do so by allowing our moral compass to guide us in our thoughts, speech and actions, so that we do what is right when people watch.. and when people don’t. While it may seem like an abstract notion, it could just be as simple as defending a victim in the face of a bully. It is the right thing to do, hence moral, and it requires a degree of boldness and strength in face of a possible consequence, therefore c0urage. 

Just to highlight, to settle for a peaceful settlement sometimes can be a lack of moral courage. (We assume this example happens in a vacuum theoretical setting where there is no larger picture involved, or larger peace to preserve.)  For an authority to call for mutual apologies and a peaceful resolution without punishment when an injustice has occurred and victimisation is involved, is a lack of moral courage on the side of the authority. For the injustice to go uncorrected because the authority lacks the courage or ability to discern the truth and right the wrong in the situation is a failure on the moral plane of the authority. 

We thus see that the moral courage of individual(s) have an impact not just on themselves, but on other people involved as well. It is thus important that we know what is right, that we do what we can to preserve what is right, and correct that which may be wrong. You can be a person of moral authority or otherwise, but morality should always apply to everyone and anyone. To have moral courage is to be true to ourselves and to what is right and just. 

Not easy definitely, but to have moral courage is something we certain can aspire towards. It is a weighty topic, but our conscience is a good guide to knowing what should be done when faced with a situation or dilemma. 

Have a good evening everyone! 

Choice & Chance

Cool, serene night

“Regardless what race or color you are, the blood flowing in your body is still red.”

I suppose we can’t agree more with the above sentence because that is fundamentally what makes us all human, and what makes us all the same. Equality, though it will remain more of an ideal than reality, is something very much worth striving for and towards. The world has long been working to abolish racial inequality and slavery, because such differences cause differentiation, followed after that by division and discrimination.. which are undesirable and not in line with peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

If we allocate some thought to it, no one was born having a choice as to what race, nationality or background he or she would be born in to live out. In mortal knowledge, we know that none of us on earth now had a choice before as to which country, community or family we would be conceived in to begin our life. Speaking purely of what we know, an only child couldn’t have chosen to be born into a family of many offsprings, just like how an American or Japanese didn’t choose to be American and Japanese to start. In all fairness, a white man could have been born black too.

If that is so and nobody had or has a choice as to what the first step and place in life would be, should we all not work towards the best for all humans? If you were fortunate to be born rich as maybe a German, a wealthy Spaniard or Korean, would you not do away with racial supremacy and help your fellow humans of another flesh colour? After all, if we slit open the skin of any human.. the same pain would be felt and the blood that flows out would be inevitably red.

If we can look at another person purely as another individual, looking pass his background etc, more love can be shared and spreaded in our modest world. In this way, no one will judge and be judged, and no one will discriminate or be discriminated.

This surely would prompt us to think that this idea of not having a choice of what and how to begin life applies to all living beings in this world as well. An ant might not have had the choice of being an ant or not, just like how an elephant might not have chosen to be one. In that case, should we not all practice ahimsa and show compassion and love to all beings then?