Hateful, vengeful, spiteful;

Leave what is mine alone,
Let things be as status quo;

Don’t tarnish what belongs to me,
Shun away from tainting it;

What is mine has to remain pure
Without stain or corruption at all;

The past is a filthy place,
The present a risky phase;

Is anything even mine anymore?

Spoilt Clock

A spoilt clock
For one moment in a day
Can still tell the time
Correct to second minute and hour;

A spoilt clock
For one part of its life
Could tell the time
Of bygone days months and years;

A spoilt clock
For the rest of its day
Will only serve to remind
Of memories of times gone by.

To The Sky

When nostalgia hits
It hits hard
Like the beat of an old song
Or the etch of an old dance;

You look back and smile
Wondering where the moments have gone
Where the people are now
And if all that is left are only memories;

Yet you smile again after
Knowing the present is good
That without all that is before
There wouldn’t be a now and an after;

What has past is best where they are
Unwritten smiles
Untouched faces
Untainted memories;

A faint remembrance

is enough.

Excerpts [Part 1]

This post is made up of sentences and excerpts from a blog that I know pretty well;  thought it’d be a good idea to share some of the decent lines here. I’m probably splitting it up into a few parts because there are too many of them.

“A commonly visited leisure spot once upon a time has turned into a deserted playground of broken swings.”

“I’ll wait, til the day is mine.”

“There are days when you feel punched out, and today’s one of them.”

“It’s not a monologue.. it’s just a dialogue without response.”

“Behind every cynical person is a sad story unbeknownst to others.”

“Crack lines; try as you might to fix them, they’ll always be there somewhere.”

“The moment before I fall asleep is the happiest moment of the day; it is as though dreams have merged with reality. I feel alive and awake, but live a dream and a fantasy.”

“Accept and like a person not for what he is, but for who he is.”

“It’s like… after a person has made a wrong choice, you should let him choose again so that he is more clear about what he wants and will this time, make the right decision and appreciate the right decision so much more and never allow himself to decide or choose wrongly again.”

“There’s a reason why you should run after the bus, and not be lazy and convince yourself you won’t be able to catch it.”

“50% here and 50% there will not get you 100% anywhere.”

“… My fantasy is your reality.”



Scumbag Chauffeur

Twelve thirteen eighteen
Twenty sixteen twenty-six:
They say age is a number
(But in this I don’t think so?)

Eight years apart
You doubled the age gap
From five to ten
(Who’s the one without sense?)

What about them
Young school girls
Do you like
(Looking for some lost innocence there?)

You irked me once back then
Now you just grossed me out again
(Is this about me, you or who?)

Leave them alone won’t you?

The wise men say
What goes around comes around
(So you better watch out!)


And he told him, “I’m not like you.. I don’t take all the shortcuts in life.”

Perhaps that is what is wrong with him, all the shortcuts he thinks he’s taking.

Sometimes maybe there is no shortcut. One has to grind it through, work for it, and get it after much sweat and tears.

The shortcuts may not lead to the destinations he’s looking for, they may lead him off course, to a totally different place that he may not want to be. Maybe these shortcuts are killing him unknowingly, such that when he looks behind him there is no one there and no place to be anymore.

Probably the only things left are the ghosts of a past time, of a past place, and of a past him.