Some People

Some people fall asleep at 3pm
Dreaming about their lives;

Other people stay awake at 3am
Going about their lives;

Some people stay awake at 3pm
Going about their lives;

Other people fall asleep at 3am
Dreaming about their lives;

I am sitting around at 10am
Thinking about my life.

Yes You!

Hey you come back here!

I want to tell you something:
What I did in the afternoon
What I had for lunch and dinner
What I saw when I went to the grocery store;

Yes stay for a minute!

I want to tell you everything:
What I feel about the world
What I think about the food
What I know about the things around;

Just for awhile more!

I want to be with you now:
How I would love to hug you close
How I would adore giving you a kiss
How I would yearn to hold your hand;

Maybe there isn’t a need
For so many words to say
Just two sets of three words is enough:

I love you and I thank you.

(I don’t know, but somehow I get the feeling that if you don’t let the people around you know that you sincerely appreciate them for being around and for the things they do.. I guess the next time you reach out to them they may not be there anymore. It’s good to let them know that as they care for you, you too do care for them as well. That’s my fair share of thoughts for a chilly night, good night and keep warm everyone.)


The line to thread is thin
Between not giving a damn and being relaxed
Often we mistake one for the other
Sometimes by mistake sometimes on purpose;

Perhaps some things aren’t meant to be
Yet we try (hard) anyway;

Queer but its true
With no rhythm or rhyme

Oh where is this heading.