Messy Expression

I don’t like
flowery terms and fancy words,

So as honest as can be,

I’d say I’ve had some of the

Best times of my life
With you.

Just another messy expression of
A crazy romance.


Spoilt Clock

A spoilt clock
For one moment in a day
Can still tell the time
Correct to second minute and hour;

A spoilt clock
For one part of its life
Could tell the time
Of bygone days months and years;

A spoilt clock
For the rest of its day
Will only serve to remind
Of memories of times gone by.

To The Sky

When nostalgia hits
It hits hard
Like the beat of an old song
Or the etch of an old dance;

You look back and smile
Wondering where the moments have gone
Where the people are now
And if all that is left are only memories;

Yet you smile again after
Knowing the present is good
That without all that is before
There wouldn’t be a now and an after;

What has past is best where they are
Unwritten smiles
Untouched faces
Untainted memories;

A faint remembrance

is enough.

We Think Things Important

Just a few more thoughts before we head into Christmas and end the year shortly afterwards. 

It’s true: we think material things are important. Some of us make it our main pursuit in life to make as much money as we possibly can so that we can afford the best cars and the finest foods. No doubt, the importance of money cannot be more strongly iterated and it is right to think that having things that we like is important. 

To have a decent car, a lovely house and to indulge in some of the things we like is central to our survival and wellness. We gain financial freedom and ease any frustrations or worry when we have more than enough to get through our daily life; in fact we gain and spread happiness by buying the things we want and sharing what we have with others. One who discounts the significance of money certainly must not have thought things through. 

There however comes a point where life is considerably comfortable and basic necessities are met. Anything that comes after that counts as luxury and in some ways, probably excess that we have for rainy days or to give to others. That is the point where we start to place less importance on money making and material possessions, and start shifting our focus elsewhere. 

I’ll use some examples to illustrate some thoughts. Say we have a Jaguar, a prime example of an English luxury car. It gets us around in good comfort, and we probably feel satisfied owning one. We may have spent years of our lives slogging to gain ownership of it, to work for the bucks to eventually buy the car and drive it home. 

On the other hand, we have people around us and moments to live through. To earn the amount tagged to the ownership of the car, we neglect our families, friends and we forget to live and cherish the key moments in our lives. People step out of our lives without us knowing, peaks and glorious sceneries are passed without even a cursory glance.. How does that come up against that luxury piece of machinery we previously placed so much importance on? 

An Aston Martin can be built and bought again. Your friend might not be there anymore when you decide to call him after an absent window of years. A penthouse can be raised and purchased again. The missed laughters heard in the hall of years gone by may not be audible again even if you strain to hear them. Material affairs can be reconstructed and made again, but try to recreate a moment in time or to bring someone back to life.. Not possible. 

What are the important things in life again? 

Drive that Mercedes.. Take your family out for a meal, drive out to the sea with your best friend, and remember to always be grateful for who we are and what we have in life. 

Couple Watches

(This post is just me messing around with a love story recently; it’s quite fun I would say. The incongruence at certain points are deliberate to reflect some sort of tension and sarcasm between the two parties. I don’t know, just read and you’ll find out.)

You told me you wanted a set of couple watches for us
To wear together so that each time we look at our wrists
We would be reminded of each other and of our love:
That it is our love which makes moments and time worthwhile;

You said we could wear them when we went out together
Or when we went out separately with our own friends
So that wherever we go and whatever we do
We could see each other in our hearts through our timepieces;


Well I say it is not a great idea because it is far too cliche
Where one of our styles and preferences would be compromised
Simply because it is unlikely that we would like the same watch
Which means one of us would get a watch that is second(s) to us;

I know you think it is romantic and oh so lovey-dovey for us to do it
But fact of the matter I say love need not be expressed to be so:
It is a feeling deep within us that needs no object to symbolise
Nor does it necessitate any material goods on us to actualise;

Okay that is enough – let’s cut to the chase:

We never were that compatible anyway,
So what makes you think we would both like the same watch one day?

Used To

I never could understand what you used to tell me,
About what you used to think and what you used to feel,
Simply because I never considered things from your point of view,
Or your feelings about certain things and certain times;

I am starting to do so right this moment –
But I’m afraid it is a little too late for all these now,
Where it’s all said and done and what’s left
Are little shredded pieces of memories and times past;

I don’t know – maybe some things cannot be recovered,
Where time is like a land which never can be reclaimed,
Something lost to the echoes of the walls in the room
Like the memories that play in the recesses of your mind;

You’ll never know when the future stops and the past replays,
Or where the present lies in the labyrinth of space and time,
And so I suppose all that you can do is
To attempt to pick up the pieces and put together a broken picture;

It used to be perfect.

Happy Graduation

It has gotten quite comfortable,
Yes it sure did take some time but
It has gotten comfortable after awhile;

I don’t profess that everything has been entirely at ease,
Or that it has all been smooth sailing and easy riding,
But the walls and rooms of the J block in some ways will
Always ring a familiar warm note each time it flashes in my mind;

The regular breakfast club table too makes mornings that little bit brighter;

Seeing familiar faces around gives the whole place that feeling
That we are all in this together and we’re here for each other,
Where a simple wave or a casual smile can turn a bad day around,
And a little conversation or chat can make life that little bit better;

We are not necessarily all so sentimental or emotionally attached,
But it is true that what has become familiar and warm to us
Does make parting a little bit harder and a little less desirable,
Where the thought of faces seen daily and smiles caught frequently
Not experienced as much or ever does make life that little bit colder;

A part of our heart stays in places where we’ve grown to love,
Just as how these little corners too in our hearts have taken their places;

Happy graduation one and all,
What lies ahead is for us to explore,
These past moments (I know) with always stay with us,
Where in looking back these memories forever will last.

Team Raffles.