Rock Your Chair

Rock your chair
Back and forth
Not too much
Or you’d fall;

Live your life
Do and don’t
Not too hard
Or you’d fall;

Have your stick
Take a puff
Not too deep
Or you’d fall;

Close your eyes
Fall in love
Stay right there.

One Moment

(5 minute challenge let’s go)

A moment of beauty and a snapshot of absolute compatibility,
They placed their watches around their left wrist at the same moment
As they stood up and spun around in complete synchronicity,
Like one soul in two bodies they complemented each other perfectly;

The timing was of such precision it was splendid spontaneity,
Like the moment the first raindrop hit the water surface everything stood in reverie,
A pair of doves they appeared to be of the same sympathy,
Where those who looked on could hear the harmony that completed the melody;

Nothing more has to be said: all was sung to the tune of love.


Sometimes I stare right into your eyes and wonder, 
If all of this is real and if I really know you at all,
Or are these just the workings of a beautiful and surreal dream?

Sometimes the lens of the camera does zoom out for a moment,
And I see two figures immobilised by time looking into each other’s soul, 
Colouring the scene undeniably a distinct blur of fantasy and reality; 

Is it a sense of Déjà vu,
Something between just me and you?



That Very Moment

Fingers interlocked with hands wrapped tightly palm to palm,
He holds onto her hand ever so tightly and feels his fingers nestled nicely between hers;

Their hair brushes onto their faces and they get really close to each other,
She leans in close and takes a long deep breathe of him while he kisses her on the forehead gently;

A moment of comforting silence takes place around them in their world,
The sound of their surrounding fades away into the distance and a peaceful calm takes over; 

They close their eyes and get all but lost in that very moment together,
Praying that time could just stop there so that their love could go on and last forever.