I’m Wondering Why

Receiver could go haywire
If sender sends mixed signals

Sender could send clear signals
Yet receiver may have tangled antennas

Boy may tell girl he loves her
But girl could think otherwise

Girl could ignore boy
Though boy may think otherwise

She may have the angel in her eyes
Yet she could have the devil in her heart

He may have the devil in his words
But he could have the angel in his soul

She could change her mind
He may not see the reason why

Don’t hurt him there
(Not a second time)

When he’s still here
Waiting for a second time.


Together Forever, Alone

You told me that you would be forever alone, 

I replied same here and it really need not be so, 

Yet you say tis’ cool to be forever alone together,

But I think i’d rather be with you together forever;


alone in the world of love, passion and romance.