A faint memory
of me and her
Of you and him
Masked by

The twilight of time.


Hateful, vengeful, spiteful;

Leave what is mine alone,
Let things be as status quo;

Don’t tarnish what belongs to me,
Shun away from tainting it;

What is mine has to remain pure
Without stain or corruption at all;

The past is a filthy place,
The present a risky phase;

Is anything even mine anymore?

She Walks By

I lift my weary head and direct my gaze outside the cafe – she walks by the window,
Her hips sashay casually and her black pleated skirt floats gently above her knees,
A plain peach-coloured crop-top wears itself smoothly over her well-endowed upper body, 
Giving her a look of simplicity and ease yet offering a subtle sense of sophistication and chic; 

It was all of five seconds in that beautiful encounter and then she was out of sight, 
Yet for all that five seconds eternity seemed to have taken over and I was entirely lost in that moment,
It was as if time has stopped and the world stood still for me to just admire her as she walks by, 
Forever a moment in time captured in the crystal recesses of my memory bank somewhere in my mind; 

I went back to the same place many a time and tried looking out for her, 
But never once by the window of that cafe did the girl again appear. 

In A Cafe

10pm on a star-filled night in a cafe of couples I sit alone,

Looking up from the edge of my laptop I see people talking,

Taking my eyes away from my Lit text I see people sipping coffee,

Little moments shared between people are what make life worthwhile;


I steal a glance at my latte once hot and tempting now cold and empty,

 I reach for my pen and scribble a line or two to ink down what I feel,

 Yet this feeling growing inside of me is not to be revealed on paper still, 

 For only due course will tell what becomes of this time that soon will fade into memory.