There has to be
More love on earth between people
Where we refrain from harsh speech and actions
And love our neighbours as we love ourselves;

There has to be
More love on this planet for the animals
Where we refrain from willingly killing them or eating them
And remember that they too are living beings like us;

There has to be
More kindness and compassion in this world
Where all living creatures can co-exist peacefully together
Whether human, insect or animal;

Love transcends religion and doctrine:
It exceeds whatever man-made structure or system there is
And goes beyond all the rigidities that sometimes detract
Because love comes not from us;

It is from the universe or God or creator or however you know it
Where it is for us to share to make lives better for ourselves
As well as for all living beings around us so that
All things good can prevail and exist in this world;


(I would like to recommend a meat-free diet for everyone, because the animals deserve to live and the butchers should be spared from the cruelties of killing. Yes indeed, we eat what we eat.. but I think the animals deserve a chance too.)

Loving The Veggie On Your Plate

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To the general population, meat has firmly cemented its place on the dinner plate and it  is considered to be a fixed part of a well balanced  and good diet. A meal without meat on the table cannot look nor smell like a complete meal and the food suddenly becomes very much less attractive without the meaty addition. People love to eat meat and they find it to be immensely delicious and consider it a pleasure to eat meat. It is not that they dislike the greens, they just enjoy the meat. Be it on festive occasions or ordinary daily meals, meat is of great importance and it almost certainly must be served, regardless plain, with gravy, well cooked or medium rare.

Of course, there are the vegetarians on the other hand, who will not consume meat and meat is entirely absent in their diet. It is not necessarily that they dislike the taste of meat and love their vegetables so much; most of the time, abstinence from eating meat encompasses deeper reasons and intentions. No one can deny the fact that meat indeed taste good, so to give the meat a skip is not about disliking the taste, because it is factual that meat is delicious.

People turn to vegetarianism for many reasons, and the commonly heard ones would be health reasons (including weight issues), religious reasons, compassion for living beings and spiritual elevation, while not forgetting personal reasons as well.

Without any form of denial, a vegetarian diet is most certainly healthier than a meaty diet and a person is generally healthier living off a regular vegetarian diet . It is a good method to ensure good overall wellness and troubles of obesity and heart-related issues are less common among the vegetarians. This is one of the major attractive features of going green (in terms of diet) and many people consider this point to be the reason why they convert.

As for the religious portion, some religions strictly forbid their followers from consuming meat due to very specific reasons that could tide in with the concepts of karma, meditation etc. It is advised in the Buddhist religion to abstain from killing of life and abstinence from meat falls under that category as well, since it is true that the animal had to be killed in order to feed you.

Most notably, compassion for living beings is one of the most well taken and important reason for people to adopt vegetarianism. It has been an age long dispute as to whether humans are supposed to eat meat or not and many people feel strongly against eating meat. Every life is valuable and has its place and time on Earth, and thus we should not just take life in order to fulfill our hunger and desire, as straightly put across by the vegetarian advocates. This is quite subjective because people all have different views pertaining to this matter.

The choice as to whether to adopt a vegetarian diet  or not eventually lies with the individual, even though it is going against the societal norms and it could post many possible inconveniences. For health and for the compassion towards living beings, would you become a vegetarian?