The Sorry Man

Oh for all the gold in the world
He could not put up with this:

To sail the ship
He pushes hard
To let it traverse the waters
He uses all his strength;

For all that sails
He makes it happen
With heart and soul
He continues on;

The currents are against him
The tides will him not
The waves do not sympathize
Nothing flows in his favour;

Oh lovely breeze!
Companion of the brave hearted!

It be good to blow him a kiss
To carress his weather worn face
To tell him she loves him
Let him know it is all not for nought!

Yet all is lost at sea
When she tells him not
Pays no tribute to him
Blows no love for him;

Oh for all the gold in the world
He could not put up with this!

Judge All You Want

To look upon a man and his work
Is that the proper thing to do?

To judge a man’s character based on
His work
Is that the fair thing to do?

I maintain always that he’s a nice guy
Outside of what he does inside
Is that the right thing to do?

It’s all subjective really
But I say give the man a chance
Pass one judgement less each day:
That is the best thing to do.

(Just a rant after seeing some people judge an individual just because he doesn’t put in any effort into a job he is forced against his will to do.)