I Guess

There are tons of them:
Good writers hidden from the world
Good musicians playing in the dark
Good artists painting for no one;

Some make it big somewhere
Some make it big everywhere
Some make it small elsewhere
Some don’t make it anywhere;

Do you please yourself?
Do you please the world?

Shall I venture a guess?

If you can please yourself
The universe will look on

and smile.


Finally Back For More

nice and cool after the rain

A friend just linked me to his wordpress blog and the one thing I had to be reminded of was definitely R&R and so I have to drop by and have a look around again. It’s the second day of christmas today (Boxing Day) and with all the christmas feels and love, I find that my blog is actually quite christmasy and cheerful (there’s even snow, gosh).

The last post that came from me here was more than a year ago and I have to say things are looking quite different now as compared to the time last year; I am still the same person but my general feel towards things is quite different and my prospects seem slightly better than it was a year ago.

Christmas puts me in a really joyful and cheery mood and I get lost too many times staring at the beautiful lights that endow every christmas tree and places all around the country; they are mesmerizing enough to captivate me and place a smile on my face.

As with every other year, I set a new year resolution during the Christmas period and I place it in a subtle corner as a reminder of what I want to achieve in the year ahead. Looking forward into 2014, I can feel a very busy and tiring year in the waiting and I believe faith and love next year will be of paramount importance and comfort. It would be exciting I suppose, to race against time again (and strive to be the faster of the two) and push limits and boundaries.

So here’s a new year resolution list (hopefully not too long a list – I am thinking it out as I go along):

1. To be myself as much as I can

2. To love wholeheartedly and unreservedly

3. To live life to the fullest and leave no regrets

4. To reserve time each day to be thankful for what life has and is

5. To play the piano smoothly by June

6. To have fun and maybe win something at HMCA

7. To do well academically so as to get myself a govt scholarship + place at desired university

8. To go to church more and have more of God in my life

9. To make positive differences to people’s lives

10. To make more friends

11. To be actively engaged in everything I am involved in

12. To try to sleep more than 4 hours each night

13. To write a couple of poems of quality (my poems now are real rubbish)

14. To be first aid qualified

15. To learn to have less items on my resolution list (haha unless it’s for a MUN reso!)

16. To be less competitive (yet win whenever I can.. hmm contradiction)

17. To get abs (hmm okay maybe not.. I want my chocolate)

18. To win the heart of the girl I love

That’s it folks, it looks fairly hard to follow so I do wish myself the best of luck in achieving them. More than this, I wish everyone who has come up with a new year’s list the best of wishes in ticking off objective and goals upon completion and achievement. It certainly would make your year much more exciting to have bull eyes to hit and pins to strike down.

If I may leave you with a thought for the evening, do consider this:

What do you deem to be really important to you as you enjoy Christmas and look ahead into the new year?