Trigger Happy

This is absolutely savage;

How does
The night turn so dark?
The breeze turn so cold?
The pain turn so real?

There is absolutely none.


To you my friend, I say
Some people never find solace
In anything they do or
Anyone they meet;

Somedays I wish, I have
The ability to write songs
Churn out tunes that carry
All the emotions to the world;

It cuts and yes, it spills
From imagination to reality
Through the membranes beyond
The confines of time and space;

When there is darkness we say,
Let there be light.

Dark Side

You hear the Dark Side beckon to you
You treat it as temptation and a lure to darkness
Thinking that you belong to righteousness;

Maybe you belong to the dark all along
You could just be denying it from the start
That to begin with you are one of them;

Perhaps you’ll never know
Until you taste the Dark Side
(They have cookies).

(Star Wars is nothing much without Darth Vader, really. I do quite like Han Solo though, Harrison Ford did great there.)