One Waffles Inst. Lane

Freaking Waffles of a place
That a student’s ability is measured
Through a mention of its name
By a mere whisky of its fame;

So what if we didn’t?
What is a student worth then?
More than a school name surely,
More than a great badge really;

By association we are no different:
We belong in the same league
Play by the same One Waffles street
Considered too the same Waffles breed;

What is the individual then?
What is the collective then?

I have no right to complain:
I graduated from there just the same;

But make no mistake:
We succeed by ourselves
Supported by a great place
To run ourselves our own race.

(Disclaimer: I love my school; I’ve always loved it. I did reasonably well and I had some of the best schooling years there. It’s a lovely place, and all other stereotypes are needless. I’m proud of the school, and someday the school shall be proud of me too. To transcend the school reputation and make good as an individual to live a life of kindness and purpose, that is what I believe to be the reason for the greatness of the school.)

For A Raisin

I wonder what it is about you that excites me,
What it is that draws me towards you,
That I look forward to seeing you around the campus grounds;

Perhaps you provide grounds for a roaming bird to land,
A universe for a lone star to be radiant,
A home for a weary heart to seek comfort and rest;

Sometimes words are so limited to express how we feel..

What more to speak of for a Raisin that holds such appeal?

– for a schoolmate, 2013
(written during an economics lecture)