Going Overseas

(A newly engaged couple (R&S) goes on their first trip overseas together and wakes up next to each other in a lovely resort by the sea. They stir, but are not fully awake yet.)

S [turns to face R]: Is there anything on today?

R: Nope I don’t think so, what about you?

S [stretches a little]: Nah.. Don’t think so…

R [places hand on S’s ass, squeezes lightly and tugs at her underwear]: How about we stay in bed all day today.. without anything on?

[S lets out a little moan]


Friend For A Holiday Too

Nah I was wrong:
You’re not just a friend for a holiday
You’re just the best person for one
An ideal ‘come away with me’ person;

Perhaps that is
Something I aspire towards
Something I like very much in you
Something I may not necessarily possess;

Maybe that would make
Everything easier to handle
Everything more free and easy
Everything in short: better;

It could be just a little goal
To break free from the mould.


I see families with luggages and excited children (likely siblings)
discussing amongst themselves
What they were going to do upon touch down
And where they were heading to after checking in;

I see people exchanging well wishes and waving goodbyes
Whether relatives or friends or new acquaintances
There is both an air of excitement and anticipation (Bon Voyage!)
Of new memories to be made and new places to be discovered;

A place of transition of incoming and outgoing:
People come and go as the planes take off and touch down
Leaving behind more than misty mornings and nostalgic twilight
Taking with them fresh dreams and new aspirations;

There is something special in the air.

Friend For A Holiday

A friend for a holiday is someone
Who is unpredictable and comes across thrilling
Because nothing is certain and nothing is rigid
Where everything can change and what is to come

Remains a mystery and excitement;

He is someone who has no plans
And bases everything on spontaneity and fun
Where unplanned train rides and short flights are
The life plans by which he sticks by;

He would have seen it all and done it all
Probably more than anyone else and with
A little knowledge of all sorts of things just enough
To come across both as a tourist and a life guide;

This is all fine and good for a holiday
(But the rest is left to be said)